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Sakuri's Profile

Sakuri's Profile
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Username Sakuri Gender Female
Date Joined Location eating gum leafs with the Kangaroos in Aussie Land
Last Updated Occupation to sit at home and do stuff all..
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Member Info
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OKAY! WHERE DO I START!!!!! hrm... I'm 13,D.O.B- 19 Februrary 1993
i LOVE LOVE LOVE M&M'S!!!! I'm a pices AND aquarius
(i'm on the cusp)
I like scary games like silent hill, fatal frame
(in Australia "fatal frame is called "project zero", i think thats pretty funny..)
and i also like final fantasy and stuff.
I like fluffy things like cotton candy and whatever so you know.. I LOVE TO DRAW! i drew pictures since i was 2, hehehe, but they were pretty bad.i LOVE DOGS!
i'm a dog person, they are so cute!
border collies are my favourite.
Phew, this is exausting, so much to write, so little time..
I have blounde hair, and hazel eyes,
(i think that they are hazel anyways,) i stubled across this site, when i looked up "silent hill fanart" on google, i saw heaps of ausome pictures and had to join!
urm.. my e-mail is, so feel free to send me an e-mail, although i hardly EVER check my e-mail so don't be offended if i haven't replied, i also have msn messenger!
^-^right now i am chewing on a fluffy white marshmellow
(to make them taste really nice, keep them in the freezer,
THEN MUNCH AWAY!) one of my favourite sayings that i made up is..
"ASTROPHOBIC IN ARMY PANTS!" its really fun to say, you should try. My sister also has a user on this site, her name is cheekipeak or something like that, you should drop bye and see some of her art. although i will ALWAYS BE THE BEST OUT OF THE TWO OF US! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough**choke**spluter*HAHahahah..

Stuff I Like to do- (not in order)

I'm playing for a girls team at the moment!

2. PLAYSTATION! i never get bored of playstation! fave games
silent hill series, final fantasy series, resident evil series(i still have the first one, its so funny! XD)
and fatal frame MAY I ADD THAT FATAL FRAME IS CALLED "project zero" in AUSSIE!! (go the kangaroo, koala, echidnas, kookaburras and emus!)

3. I PLAY GUITAR!!! I have a red electric guitar and an aucoustic, i've been playing for as long as i can remember

4. MUSIC!! GREENDAY!! (greenday, the killers,
music from varios playstation games, rammstein, trivium, tidal,
bullet for my valentine etc.)

5. DRAWING!! i love to draw! (obvesly) i like to draw anime and things from my playstation games!

6. SCIENCE! yes, science is my favourite subject! biology mainly!
-D.N.A stands for deoxyriboneuclaic acid, the four proteins in a D.N.A strand consist of thymine, guinine, andenine and cytosine..

7. AND I'd love to do an art trade with you!!

8.MOOVIES!! blood the last vampire, the grudge (the japanese one of course, NOT the american one), spirited away,The Notebook, Sin City, any disney favourites movies (the lion king, bambii and stuff, i'm a sucker for those) and so on and so fourth..

9. FOOD!-double cheesburgers and M&M's..

10. tElIvIsIoN!!- futurama, The simpsons, myth busters
and beavus and butthead.

this is about all i can think of for now!!

Well to anyone who who took the time to read all this junk XD

THANCKS!!! (ps. i am a terrible speller)(pps.can some one teach me how to spell totolaltaly please? cuase i use it in alot of comments, and i kinda sound stupid, if i can't spell it, :P)(ppps.I saw a kangaroo yesterday on the way home..)


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lizardwd on June 21, 2006, 10:30:04 AM

lizardwd on
lizardwdomg i love the avatar

anime-junkie on May 24, 2006, 8:25:56 PM

anime-junkie on
anime-junkieOMG YOUR OLDER THAN ME WAAAAAAAAAAAA! T-T lol, i turn 13 on june first, oh and happy b day from febuary!! lol i'll seeya later!!

RunawayShinobi on May 16, 2006, 3:55:01 AM

RunawayShinobi on
RunawayShinobiOh and thanks for all your comments! They're apprieciated.

RunawayShinobi on May 16, 2006, 3:52:47 AM

RunawayShinobi on
RunawayShinobiHey Sakuri I'd love to art trade what exactly do you have in mind? *?*

See ya.


cloudismybitch on April 28, 2006, 2:49:49 PM

cloudismybitch on
cloudismybitchwoow i misspelled a lot of things well dont blame me it is like 10:00 and i woke up at like 5 today and went to slepp at umm well so late i dont remember yeaaa haa i spelled dog and such wrong
woow iam dizzy slllleeeeeeepppppppppppyyyyy -__-

cloudismybitch on April 28, 2006, 2:43:40 PM

cloudismybitch on
cloudismybitchwaaaaaaaaa there is a gost thingy on this web site whenever my mouse passes buy it it makes a big baaannnngggg !! NOISE

WAAA IAM LIKE GOING TO BE EMOTIONALLY SCARED mm wait noo i think that that porno add scared me for life (shivers) waa iam easly scared and things that go BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM....
but whenever i watch a scary movie iam like ooohh runn dog no @$$ wipe dont sare at them run bith RUUUNN or iam like ooo bloood lots of blood or haaaaa that's soo fake waaa it looks like you can see the zipper or iam like oooooooo i like this guy he is sexy man turn the cam around i wanna see his sexiness man i wish he would rap that guy (ok ok ... i due that with evey movie0 9looks down sniff sniff it is truee

IAM SUUUCKK A BAD PERSON WAAAAAAAAAAA mmmmm iam sleepy iam going to bed all this yelling and falling off my chair is making me sleeppy yyyyaaaaaaaaaannnnn !!!!
well god bye i just wanted to leave you long @$$ comment to umm idk haa to make you read all of it mu ha ha (thinks to self or maby it is because i like to hear self talk mm no not really )

i have no idea i am like cluless in uuhh calif?? idk

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