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Soccergoddess14's Profile
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Member Info
I'm mostly just a critic. What else can I say? Yeah, I write fanfics, but that's about it. I draw, not good, but I draw. I evaluate other people's drawings, but I can't evaluate myself.
Don't take my mean comments personally. Actually, please do! Just don't make it a big deal. After all, I'm just trying to make you a better artist in any way I can.

I draw random things. I write mostly romances. Occasionally I'll draw or write about a battle, and it'll come out decent enough. But otherwise, I'm just observing the rest of the world.


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SonicandCloud4eva on September 24, 2006, 12:41:33 AM

SonicandCloud4eva on
SonicandCloud4eva^^ wanna be friends? i saw the word soccer and i was like A NEW FRIEND lol XD i love soccer

Sora_Miyara on March 21, 2006, 1:59:35 AM

Sora_Miyara on
Sora_MiyaraThanks for the comment on my fic! n___n It wasn't my point to sound like Shakespeare rose from the grave, I'm Dutch so English is already a 'weird' language for me. I won't even try writing old English for I know I'm just not able to do that. I'll check Wikipedia though, thanks :)

Sora_Miyara on March 20, 2006, 2:18:01 PM

Sora_Miyara on
Sora_MiyaraHi. The fic I was talking about is up, it's named I Will Stay Until You Fall. I would like to hear your critism there so I'll know what I have to look out for n___n
I also have another one, but that's more men/men love, not hardcore, but it's there.
Hope to see you later! :)

Song_of_a_Phoenix on March 17, 2006, 6:35:38 AM

Song_of_a_Phoenix on
Song_of_a_PhoenixHi! Thanks so much for adding my sonnet to your favorites! And the first one in your list! I feel honored! ^^

Sora_Miyara on March 12, 2006, 1:30:41 PM

Sora_Miyara on
Sora_MiyaraMad because of your comment? No, of course not. Though I was just awake when I read it and I was like 'Well... Good morning to me!' n____n

I think comments like yours need to be given to get the artists you comment better in their art. And I understand and know I'm not such a good artist and so I'm very happy with knowing what I have to look out for to get better. So thanks for the comment, I'll certainly think of it whit my next drawing :)

Oh yes, maybe you think my writing is better. I'm writing a R-J fic at the moment. It's Mercutio/Benvolio, but if you don't like that sort of things it doesn't really mather. It's not a kiss and moan fic, though it's rather set to the emotional aspect between the two when Mercutio is dying.
Hope to see you later :)

Lord_Ma-koto_Chaoying on March 8, 2006, 5:59:51 AM

Lord_Ma-koto_Chaoying on
Lord_Ma-koto_ChaoyingHello ! Nice to see you again !

"Wow, a picture where she looks happy...
I have to say, this one shows her long-shaped face off with those eyes, ncek, and shoulders. The background, though it is a bit spazy, is intriguing.
However, there are two things that seem rather odd. One is her curves. It is hard because she is underdeveloped with her curves, but I think you can better flatter her legs under that dress. Secondly, I'm happy that you didn't overgloss her hair like most people do. You made it sort of stringy, which draws attention to it, but it's so stringy that it takes away from the effect! Be careful with it.
I'm glad you appreciated my last comment ^__^"

Very interesting comment...

I'm quite surprised by how accurate your criticism is. Yeah, there are some flaws with proportions with her curves... actually, my mother said the same. Well, I guess it'll get better with time, practice and... patience. ^_^

Thank you again. You sure are an asset when it comes to criticism. That's a shame you don't show your drawings... I don't think you're as bad as you say, because your criticism is so accurate that I could hardly imagine you can't draw. Well, I guess you have your own reasons, but still... I'd be interested in seeing your drawings, or in reading your stories.

Sincerely yours,

Lord Ma

Nooru on March 5, 2006, 12:57:04 PM

Nooru on
NooruThank you for your critic on my Knoll pic.

Yea, the chandelier and the window frame is a 5 minutes work XD I was tired of coloring XD

yea, I'm presently having porportions problems XD

Lord_Ma-koto_Chaoying on February 20, 2006, 10:21:20 PM

Lord_Ma-koto_Chaoying on
Lord_Ma-koto_ChaoyingHello, thank you for commenting my drawing. ^_^

Your review is very direct and sincere, and that is an original and interesting change from the usual reviews like 'I like it', though they are not to be despised. I have to admitt it is as if you gave me a great and thrilling defy, after being a little (or a lot) surprised. But now I'm eager to hear more from you. ^_^

Well, my Legault representation may be surprising, I grant you that, and may not respect realistic drawing (or, would I say, the original picture of Legault). But I guess it's just the way I like to draw, though such comments really help me to improve, and to produce artworks that can... how shall I put it ? Move deeply people. I admitt... this is my dream, and not only in drawing. That is why I am really grateful to you and people such as you... for I can understand better what people feel when seeing a drawing or reading a story.

Well, I wasn't particularly looking for a Legault-Heath match when drawing, I just drew this character that way. I like good stories with Legault x Heath, but also Legault x Isadora and Heath with someone else. I've just realised that I can hardly draw manly boys (particularly the edges of the face) or shade faces in the usual pattern, for... I can't manage to follow a pattern, it kills my creativity, because some patterns have affected me emotionally not in a good way (when I was studying musique). Patterns are great to help artists and people to structure things, but they often can kill spirituality by not following people's personal spiritual and emotional progress. That was happened to me...

But I am really happy to get this review from you and I sincerely hope that you'll answer me. It was very, very interesting.


Lord Ma

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