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Jiki_Chi026's Profile
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I'm holding a contest!
Date: OCTOBER 7th - DEADLINE! (Changed)

I have created my OCs in my latest One Piece fanfiction, "My Soul Duty". I would like to see what people picture when they read about my characters. So, for the contest, you can draw all of the characters, your favourite, or the ones you hate. Whoever and how many of them you want to! You can draw with my description, or just what you picture when you read about them!

1st place: 5 requests and a special treat (from any anime/manga)
2nd place: 3 requests
3rd place: 1 request

Link to the story:

List of OC w/Name Translation & First Appearence:
Goran- try (last name: Henkou - change); chpt. 2
Zaigou - sin; chpt. 1 (he has many faces, so make how many you want)
Akar - filth; chpt. 1
Rosuto - lost; chpt. 4
Gosho - afterlife; chpt. 6
Itami - pain; chpt. 4
Kikei - freak; chpt. 4
Romu & Senmu - both mean service; chpt. 4

UbuazaEnzerikku - - Kikei
Shearay752 - - Rosuto

Please have FUN and try out! ^_^

Requests:[/size] N/A MAX: 3
Trades:[/size] Story Trade #1- gothic0Chikara0Risumo - Jem(OC) x Rock Lee ~starting project~MAX: 5


Name: Mori (yes, he's based on Mori from Ouran High School Host Club!)

Nimiko, my dear, my vampire, my true love.

The Silent One
Nickname(s): Kendo Dude
Age: 17
D/O/B: May 5th
Personality: quiet, wise, runs on instinct
Power: Invisibility & Transportation
Likes: training (with Rykin), being with Ado', listening to Dazamore sing, being with his love, Nimiko, whenever he can
Dislikes: Anyone who hurts his family, rude and selfish people, not knowing where Ado is, worrying for Nimi'
Job: Kendo Instructor

Name: Nami (YES! She's based on Nami from One Piece...they were my first two!)

Berly, my berlup dack XD I wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv U!

The Hyper One
Nickname(s): Hypee, Navi
Age: 18
D/O/B: July 3rd
Personality:hyper, fun-loving, carefree
Power: Weather Control (if you didn't know that, slap yourself hard enough to knock you off your chair)
Likes: being with her pudding buddie (Nami: HIYA NIMI'-CHAN!! :D), talking to her bro, playing with the kids and shopping with Saya
Dislikes: quietness, being told to shut up, boring people, being weak
Job: News Caster; applying for karate

Name: Ado(wabee)
The Cute One

Soni Soni Soni! Swumba Party! :D

Nickname(s): Ado, cuddle buddy/bunny
Age: 7
D/O/B: April 4th
Personality: cute, cuddly, bubbly
Power: Levitation
Likes: playing with his friends, being with Mori, being with Angel-chan, huggles, snuggles, cuddles, and nuzzles, Soni'-chan's kisses (A: *blushes*...They're soft...)
Dislikes: being alone, being sad, when Saya was hurt, bad memories, whenever Mr. Meanie hurts anyone or comes out, when he had a broken leg, when Sonia-chan is sad

Name: Sexxxi
The Sexy One (*gasps* No WAY! xP)

I Dance To My Own Drum Cuz I Know That's How My Babe Likes It ;)

Nickname(s): Saya, Sexy Angel
Age: 18
D/O/B: October 7th
Personality: playful, mischevious, sexy
Power: Charms
Likes: (loves her husband) ANGELUS!, playing DDR without a bra, watching _x_x_x_ or _x_x_x_x_x_, reading M ficcies, fashion, shopping, modeling, working at LaSenza
Dislikes: anything 'G, PG and some PG-13' material, being without her love (ANGELUS *mwah!), being told her boobs are too big, worrying, the time she turned into a doll, being the only one not getting it on (S: T_T J: O_O)
Job: model/cashier/designer for/with LaSenza

Name: Larzenel

My Psychic Prince, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

The Smart One
Nickname(s): Earthen Princess, Larzie
Age: 22
D/O/B: September 19
Personality: smart, caring, gentle, wise, mature
Power: Sight (see-thru objects)
Likes: (loves her fiance) Falamon, the gifts he's given her, getting to know friends, being around people, reading, being a teacher, shopping, wearing the shirt Anna bought her, letting Falamon show her how much he loves her
Dislikes: her condition, her inbalance, being wihtout Falamon, being worried/afraid, stories to which you can predict the whole way through, her summer job (L: dont ask -_-)
Job: elementy school teacher

Name: Dymin
The Lazy One

Technology is my core to life. But Petri', you're my reason to live it.

Nickname(s): Lazy-bum, Baldy man
Age: 15
D/O/B: August 29
Personality: lazy, passive, low patience
Power: Defensive Spells (barriers, etc.)
Likes: sleeping, listening to music, watching tv, sitting in his bean-bag chair, working on the computer...basically, he loves technology ^_^ and Petria! Yay! ^^
Dislikes: moving around, rap music, the Pussycat Dolls, his hair, when his computer freezes or his discs are scratched
Job: internet company manager

Name: Mazey

Graces to All...Not Sure What Else To Say...

The Innocent, Klutzy One
Nickname(s): Hazey Mazey
Age: 12 -- 15 1/2
D/O/B: March 22
Personality: klutzy, innocent, sweet
Power: Healing ability
Likes: (loves) Aiden-kun, being with Larzenel, being hugged and cared for, being picked up by someone whenever she falls, taking gymnastique lessons, being older (M: Aiden-kun, I wonder what you think, neh?)
Dislikes: being klutzy, anything scary, yelling/screaming, whenever someone's angry, especially at her

Name: ElPazzo (trans.: Crazy - Italian)


The Crazy One (no, really? :P)
Nickname(s): Psycho, Pazzo, Pazzi, Pazzo-Spazzo
Age: 10 1/2
D/O/B: Feburary 28
Personality: crazy, psychotic, caring
Power: Transformation (into anything)
Likes: sugar, jumping on his bed/having sleep-overs at Ado's, putting his dredlocks into a pony-tail, transforming on will, having fun with Adi and pranking with Zeke
Dislikes: dull and boring places/people, being tired, transforming against his will, people being mad at him, being alone, when anyone or Ado's hurt, not hanging it out with Adi

Name: Kara ('r' pronounced as an 'l', like ZORO!)

It's getting hott in here Miss Vixie-chan ;D You know what to do

The 'Yuri' One
Nickname(s): Yura, Yaoi & Yuri Twin #2
Age: 19
D/O/B: November 23
Personality: sweet, loving, gentle, loud
Power: wish-granter (Yes, she is a genie. Three wishes and she's gone...but how does she grant wishes? Hmm...)
Likes: Yuri (especially with Miss Vix [Y: Flash time! XD]), being with women, wearing 'benefitting' outfits, Blue (Wolf's Rain) & Talho (Eureka 7)
Dislikes: men hitting on her, being told 'Yuri-is-bad', when her past is brought up, when someone she loves gets hurt
Job: waitress at the resturaunt Symphonim

Name: Qual

We, meaning Benko and me, are too damn sexy for this page XD

The 'Yaoi' One
Nickname(s): Yao, Yaoi & Yuri Twin #1
Age: 19
D/O/B: November 23
Personality: optimist, genlte, kind-hearted, competitive
Power: ...I forgot DX SRRY! Ill update when i rememba xP
Likes: Yaoi (Y: BENKOKO! Where's our yaoi time? T_T), arguing with his sister (though he tends to lose), being with Benko, working on his muscles
Dislikes: his sister's tears/knowing she's in pain, anyone against yaoi, some yuri, men in speedos (>.<)
Job: host at KidSports Alia

Dream A Pretty Dream.

The Dramatic One
Nickname(s): Ms. (Drama) Queen
Age: 16
D/O/B: June 2nd
Personality: driven, passionate, over-emotional, dramatic
Power: Dream-Seer
Likes: acting, singing, concerts, hanging out with friends, going to premieres, being on stage
Dislikes: Now? Just about everything else...morally wrong, head pain
Job: gymnastiques instructor, actress, voice coach, acting teacher Name: Rykin

Milady, my queen, Dazamore. Truly, I am a blessed man.

The Manly Gentleman
Nickname(s): Mr. Manly Man, Royce(*Larzenel*)
Age: 24
D/O/B: December 30th
Personality: kind-hearted, wise, strong-willed
Power: Destructive strength (creates earthquakes with a single stomp or punch)
Likes: (loves his queen) Dazamore, protecting those in his heart, fighting for what is right (no matter what), fencing, being with family and friends, learning, working at the construction site
Dislikes: when his temper is egnighted (sp?), anyone against the peace he or anyone he cares about enjoys, learning about this day & age, whenever Dazamore is in danger and he can't do anything to help
Job: construction worker Jyk

The Only Difference Between Me And Jiki is the ovaries! XD...Im glad about that! o_O I need to be manly to be with Mika!

Jiki_Chi026's Boy Side Ego
Age: 14
D/O/B: April 7th
Likes: (loves) Mika'-chan...yeah, that's all your getting ^_^ Don't get me wrong, Jyk is awsum, but i dunt want stalkers :P Just enjoy da piccie :D

My Zazu x Me! (These chocolates are for her and Shukan! ^^)I shall be...Mufasa! Ooh hoo hoo, doesn't think give ya chills? ;D

The Lady's Man (a.k.a. Rykin's brother)
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 19-20
D/O/B: July 1st
Personality: a more gentle version of a lady's man, a bit more classy then his brother
Power: N/A
Likes: (loves) Zazume, being with his brother, being with women, helping your basic D.I.D. (damsel in distress)
Dislikes: the mistreat of women, when he ends up fighting with his brother
Job: trying to work with Saya as a model Tyra

That spirit behind me is not Calios'. It is a mere display of my essence and where I strive from.

The Mysterious One
Nickname(s): none as of now
Age: we believe 20 or 21
D/O/B:November 11th
Personality: mysterious; she only lets her emotions out now when she feels it safest
Powers: all that are evil
Likes: confusing people, keeping to herself, the feel of drowning
Dislikes: being used, feeling bad about what happened, swallowing her pride
Job: Hot Springs owner Harmonè

I~I wanna rock 'n' roll all ni~ight...And party every day! :D

The Songstress
Nickname: Hara
Age: 17
D/O/B: August 12th
Personality: gentle, caring, sweet, kind-hearted, fun-loving
Powers: Destructive Sound (*only uses her power when she is threatened, when fear or anger overtakes her*)
Likes: hanging out with Emon, singing, performing, working (at her job only), helping with the young ones, being around other friends, shaking what her moma gave her (H: I-I didn't say that! *blushes* J: but you do. You like your Beyonce bootie :D)
Dislikes: being upset or hurt, losing her voice,
Job: waitress at a Karaoke bar Jalela

This is mine and Jiki's compromise. Im the girl side so I need to dress like one. I hope Kito likes this side of me...Booty shorts! XD DONT SING IT! DX

My Girl-Side Ego
Nickname(s): 'Lela
Age: 14
D/O/B: same as mine ^_^
.Likes: (loves) Kito & Chuzo ^^
..Job: (owns a) Beauty Parlor Kashikoi

If Icarus can put up with my attitude, you can all learn to deal ;P

The Business One
Nickname(s): Kashi ('i' pronounced as an 'e')**preferred
Age: 22
D/O/B: January 31st
Personality: calm, gentle, understanding, out-spoken, strategic
Power: telepathy
Likes: (loves) Icarus, work, teaching others, learning, co-operation, winning an argument
Dislikes: losing, her ideas being shot down, stress, when others aren't listening, having to wait (K: *sarcastic* No Icarus, that's not directed at you in aaaaaaany way)
Work: elementry school teacher; ex-lawyer Calor

There! I put on the stinking hat! XD Hey Recka, when's our Battle of The Foods?

The Multi-Cultural One **HAIR SHOULD BE DARKER!
Nickname: Chefster, Cook-san
Age: 21
D/O/B: May 24
Personality: Fun, Sweet, Creative, Warm-felt, Witty, Somewhat-Reserved
Power: Poison
Likes: cooking, baking, serving others (to an extent), meeting new people, accepting hugs, meeting Recka (C: She's cool! *smiles)
Dislikes: wearing the poofy hat (sometimes...) Cerca

Stay away from the Devil's Voodoo Doll

The Musical/"Rocker Chick" Ego
Nickname(s): Circuit, Crack
Age: 18
D/O/B: March: 13
Personality: Stubborn, Passionate, Stron-willed, Creative
Power: Movement (Soul Control)
Likes: (love) Calios (C: Bug me about that and die -_-), Music, playing her instruments (mostly guitar, piano, flute), sitting outside in stormy weather
Dislikes: being confined, listening/obeying 'the man', her burns
Job: leader of a Rock Band {name N/A at this time} Ferzic

To take a masterpiece takes time...Wow...Whoever gave birth to Lumi' must have been an utter genius! O_O...Uh oh...corniness...*runs from all corny-hating egos*

The Creative One
Nickname: Fergie (XD!)
Age: 18
D/O/B: March 13
Personality: Passionate, Artisitc, Articulate, Gentle
Power: Can Make His Art Come To Life (don't know what you would call that ^_^')
Likes: (loves) Lumiere, drawing (coloring/painting), writing, reading, exploring, sitting outside in calm weather
Dislikes: critiques, when his pencils break and won't sharpen properly, being interupted while in the midst of work
Job: tour guide at the Art Gallery, Professional Art Seller, Rising Artist Krakin (yes, I know it sounds like the name of the Besty thing from POTC2)

Word to the Krakin! XD

The Mischevious One
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 20
D/O/B: July 27th
Power: SE-CER-ET! ;D
Personality: charismatic, charming, insightful, jokester
Likes: night time, being free, popping his collar (XD), being with his sister
Dislikes: being told what to do, flowers, anyone who thinks they are the 'greatest' or gives themself a right they don't deserve
Job: (wants to be) A critique (ie. movies, books, etc.) Una (long 'u' sound)

...It predicts soon...soon enough...

The Distant One
Nickname: Uka (from the song, "Ika Uka"), Luna
Age: 17
D/O/B: January 3rd
Personality: distant, untalkative (unless need be) but she does speak she is very sweet
Power: Tracker & Other (unknows what her other gift is)
Likes: being there for her brother, travelling, having a home
Dislikes: being forced to do something, evil people, any form of any sin
Job: (wants to be) A Fortune Teller Wattz
The Athletic One
Nickname(s): Bolt, Dash (that's my dog's name too XD)
Age: 18
D/O/B: September 8th
Personality: energetic, driven, caring, sometimes a short attention span XD...XP
Power:...Speed Running? O_O
Likes: Working out, doing laundry (he got used to it XD), playing get it right? He's athletic ^_^'
Dislikes: being told to sit still/doing nothing, smelly clothes
Job: Fitness Instructor Etha
The Pure One
Nickname(s): Angel, Colette (ToS, by Krakin)
Age: 18
D/O/B: May 11
Personality: sweet, caring, kind-hearted, a little ditzy but only because she tends to blurt out what's on her mind without actually thinking first...does that make sense?
Power: All Angelic ones
Likes: (loves) Hollow, Happiness, being around people, helping others
Dislikes: Darkness, hatred, sorrow, pain
Job: applying to be a Jeweller Name: Zeke
The TroubleMaker/Prankster One
Nickname(s): Li'l Devil
Age: 9
D/O/B: August 5th
Personality:...troublesome, lively, jumpy
Power: reads chakra points and accelerates them
Likes: hanging out with Merlie (Z: She's alright...for a girl ;P), laughing, being chased after a prank, making friends
Dislikes: puns, when a joke goes to far, when people get mad at him for his pranks, school
Job: N/A -- too young, but does to street performances every now and then Clarus
The Mature/Parental Figure Ego
Nickname(s): Mom/Mommy, Clara
Age: 25
D/O/B: May 19th
Personality: kind, sweet, stern but a stereotypical mom o_o
Power: Soothing idea what that means yet ^_^'
Likes: (loves) Kadazuu-kun, being around children, watching over others, helping those who need it
Dislikes: bad influences, sassy people who talk-back to her, when teachers complain about children
Job: works at a Day Care Center as a story teller, and at the local library on weekdays Barksen

I HEART INSANITY!! XD We make the smexiest pair: Idol x...Idol lover! XD Panther x Merman...we so rule!

The...Enthusiastic One? (J: O_o? Don't ask me >.< This is ALL Saya)
Nickname(s): Tender, Tendy, Testy (XD)
Age: 20
D/O/B: June 27th
Personality: happy, tender, swift, witty but charming
Power: N/A
Likes: hanging out with Insanity, tending to others, having a good conversation with anyone, making others feel better, showing off his mixing skills, when people actually GO to his club (*hint, hint*)
Dislikes: hard-headed people, homophobics, bullies, abusive people, when his drinks don't please
Job: bartender at the club Blitzer Name: Ginsehll
The 'Bad Boy'
Nickname(s): Seashell, Hellsing, Hellboy
Age: i believe he's 20...too afraid to ask ^_^'
D/O/B: October 13th
Prsonality:...he's a bad boy. Aint it obvious?
Power: Scare the S#!% OUT OF YOU! @.@...No, I just dont know
Likes: (liked meeting) Sanity, Motorbiking, doing daredevil-like work, wearing spikes
Dislikes: the 'man', preppy people, snobby byotches, stuck up jocks
Job: works at PaintballCity on weekends and a Racing Track on weeks days

Naludra- Pesrial- Sparkle-
Galuden- Danzera- -- IN MEMORY


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Shearay752 on December 21, 2007, 5:15:00 AM

Shearay752 on

Kenshinstrueluv on November 22, 2007, 12:15:28 AM

Kenshinstrueluv on
Kenshinstrueluvhey again! I'm past the deadline, but I've finished my submittion for your contest. Here it is!
I couldn't figure out how to give you a link, so I sent you the address. You could also look in my gallery. It's one of my newest pics, so it won't be hard to find.

UbuazaEnzerikku on September 15, 2007, 5:37:51 AM

UbuazaEnzerikku on
Wow it sure has changed around here, but meh. Awesome ness = D.

Jiki_Chi026 on September 17, 2007, 7:51:03 AM

Jiki_Chi026 on
Jiki_Chi026.......XD Randomness! U just comment on this page outta no where...XD

Anywoo, yah tis changed indeed...kinda betta thou, some old and new stuff :P YAAAAAAY! ^^

Kenshinstrueluv on September 9, 2007, 6:06:36 AM

Kenshinstrueluv on
KenshinstrueluvThank goodness!! With school starting I haven't had time to even start the contest pic! I'll get on it and hopefully have it up by the end of this week.

Shearay752 on July 30, 2007, 7:31:59 AM

Shearay752 on
Shearay752as far as the request goes...
don't worry i haven't forgot about request numero tres
just wondering would you like them to be like the older pictures i have or more like the update versions
OR do whatever comes to my crazy lil mind?

let's see it was...
Mori, Ado, Rykin, and Varon, right?

la de da de da...



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