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Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD's Profile

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD's Profile
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Username Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD Gender Female
Date Joined Location Somone's sick joke I call hell.
Last Updated Occupation Surviving School currently...
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Member Info
Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD's picture
Konichiwa. I'm Kaily, or my friends call me Kail! ^^; Well, at least they would if I could find them...*looks around*

I have finally decided to update my always-so-crappy-profile page. Good for me ne?

First off I will mention that -clears throat- NARUTO, KOUICHI & TAKUIYA are MINE-okay so I didn't 'make' them myself but you know what I mean....-shifty eyes- (Well, except for maybe Naruto who looks awesome with Hinata...)
Anywho, about my loser self...

You can pretty much guess what I'm into by lookin' at my fav pics list but I'm always in one of these crazes:

Digimon Frontier/Tamers
Wolf's Rain
DW4 & DW5
Cowboy bebop
DN Angel!
And most frequently lately
NARUTO! Yay for Naruto!

Not to mention the current Mangas I'm reading continuously!
NARUTO! Vol 2 (Of course...)
Marmalade boy Vol 1 (I wanna read more!)
King of Hell Vol 2 (WAHAHAHA this is really funny!)
Zodiac P.I. Vol 1 (Hmmm....)

...Okay so I haven't gotten very far yet but I will!

Besides that I'm just a crazy Anime freak, so a lot will do.

If your ever searching fro me I'm always under the pen names
Naru Keeper of twilight

Though some account more then others.

Other good junk...
*I Love, love, LOVE to RP anything Fantasy! So if you ever wanna just ask!
*I suck at old english....I blame Shakespeare...
*I'm a Anime pervert, including huge YOAI fangirl. Even if I am pretty boreing in real life.
*I know everything....--;yet nothing...
*I've been everywhere!....and yet never to me...
*I don't just like things...I get obbsessed with them...
*I can't remember anything past the last eight minutes-no really it'a a serious problem *_~

Seriously I can't remember what I was ganna type. Eh...

That's all you need knowest....*shifty eyes*....for now...*evil laugh*

And yes, yes currently I am high on sugar!


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1513 on September 21, 2008, 12:01:44 PM

1513 on
1513I'm good.

1513 on September 21, 2008, 11:14:27 AM

1513 on
1513How r u?=3

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on September 21, 2008, 11:17:20 AM

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on
Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XDI'm Okie Dokie.
How 'bout you~?

1513 on September 21, 2008, 5:30:49 AM

1513 on

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on September 21, 2008, 5:36:23 AM

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on
Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XDWell, hello~

Sailor_InuyashaMon on October 19, 2007, 1:17:49 AM

Sailor_InuyashaMon on
Sailor_InuyashaMonHaven't heard from YOU in awhile. *nudge*
I don't use this account all that much, so if you wanna find me, it's

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on December 17, 2007, 2:24:40 PM

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on
Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XDYou're telling me long time!
^^ You gave me this message on my B-day~

Anywho i'd love to see ya' again. :D

kikatinuyasha on November 22, 2006, 1:26:19 PM

kikatinuyasha on

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on November 22, 2006, 1:28:39 PM

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on
Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XDKonichiwa. ^^
I thought it was good-natured to reply since I was already logged on n' such.

Sailor_InuyashaMon on September 20, 2006, 2:09:35 AM

Sailor_InuyashaMon on
Sailor_InuyashaMonChika chika boom boom!
Sorry I wasn't on in like forever, we got internet back up! ^^

Sailor_InuyashaMon on June 16, 2006, 6:22:14 AM

Sailor_InuyashaMon on
Sailor_InuyashaMonMy week sucked. Other than going to work & school because I failed Biology, I learned I had a crush on someone... who had a crush on my best friend. Then I felt really guilty because I knew she had a crush on someone else & I was being selfish, & that I thought saying something stupid like that would ruin our friendship.
But I do get paid this Tuesday, which means DDR time! X3

Sailor_InuyashaMon on June 15, 2006, 1:13:12 AM

Sailor_InuyashaMon on
Sailor_InuyashaMonCha ching! I ended up watching that Naruto episode again, where Sasuke & Naruto does that evil glare... ^________^ Yepyep, so how are yous??

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on November 22, 2006, 1:29:28 PM

Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XD on
Wouldnt_you_like_to_know_XDWhich one they always have 'evil' glares! XD

Blood-Exorcist_Assains on May 17, 2006, 3:31:23 AM

Blood-Exorcist_Assains on
Blood-Exorcist_Assainswhy you cant take them away is because im the master of hokages!!!!!!!and im a dog and fox demon!

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