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subculturalgirl113's Profile
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i use my phone as a camera yay and i like friends so if you wanna be mine thats cool ^__^ i have a lifemate *husband in human speak hehe* whom i love hehe hes my world and is more commonly known as kiba/alchemest 1 he is my one and all!

a furry resides here hehehe

Im an avid WoW player. got a lvl 80 feral druid ^^

best. people. ever.


yay shoot dont happen SHOOT does! well aint that just fracking candyland? id like to shove candycorn up their @$$ and fracking candybars yay! shoot shoot shoot happens!

a short course in comparitive religion
*TAOISM shoot happens.

*BUDDHISM If shoot happens, it really isn't shoot.

*ISLAM If shoot happens, it is the will of Allah.

*PROTESTANISM Let the shoot happen to someone else.

*CALVINISM shoot happens because you don't work hard enough.

*JUDAISM Why does this shoot always happen to us?

*HINDUISM This shoot happened before.

*CATHOLICISM shoot happens because you're BAD.

*HARE KRISHNA shoot Happens, Rama Rama Ding Ding.

*ATHEISM No shoot.

*JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Knock, Knock, shoot happens.

*DEVIL WORSHIP Sneppah tihs

*CHRISTIAN SCIENCE shoot is in your mind.

*AGNOSTICISM Maybe shoot happens, maybe it doesn't.

*EXISTENSIALISM What is this shoot anyway?

*STOICISM This shoot is its own reward.

*WICCAN An' ye do no shoot, do what ye will.

*NEW AGE This isn't shoot if I really believe it's chocolate.

*SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST No shoot on Saturdays.

*UNITARIANISM Go ahead, shoot anywhere you want.

*COMMUNISM It's everybody's shoot.

*NIHILISM Who gives a shoot?

*HEISENBERGISM shoot happened, we just don't know where.

*SHI'ITE ISLAM if shoot happens, take a hostage

*SCIENTOLOGY shoot happens on page 152 of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard

*CAPATILISM shoot happens, and it'll cost you!

*DECONSTRUCTION shoot happens in hegemonic meta-narratives.

*ZOROASTRIANISM shoot happens half the time.

*MOONIES Only happy shoot really happens.

*CEREMONIAL MAGIC I can make shoot Happen.

*ZEN What is the sound of shoot happening?

*NATION OF ISLAM Don't take no shoot!

*PENTECOSTALISM In Jesus' name, heal this shoot!

*SANTERIA shoot Happens to your goat.

*HEDONISM There's nothing like a good shoot happening.

*QUAKERS No shoot here, please.

*CONFUCIUSIM Confucius say, "shoot Happens".

*MARXISM This shoot is going to hit the fan.

*SATANISM Whatever.shoot you want.

*MORMONISM This shoot is going to happen again.

*SECULAR HUMANISM shoot evolves.


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nextguardian on March 25, 2010, 1:08:36 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianI'm okay, thanks. Just about the same as usal. Hope things look up for you soon.

Candycane9 on March 25, 2010, 5:51:00 AM

Candycane9 on
Candycane9Awh, are you okay, Jenny? I can give you company! And I hope you weren't lonely for long. ^^ I've been alright, kind of tired and nervous at the same time. You?

Candycane9 on March 24, 2010, 6:16:51 AM

Candycane9 on
Candycane9I know, it's been such a long while! :) I'm glad to hear from you and Kiba, I miss you guys! How have you been?

Falconlobo on March 24, 2010, 4:00:49 AM

Falconlobo on

nextguardian on March 24, 2010, 1:58:54 AM

nextguardian on
nextguardianIt's no bother to hear from many years has it been? I feel neglected now! XD
In all seriousness, how are you?

Thank you for commenting on my newest pic, btw!

nextguardian on February 8, 2010, 1:22:26 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianI FINALLY submitted that pic I've been talking about, Kilynn!

nextguardian on January 7, 2010, 2:09:40 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianYes, I am very happy :) I just need that scene to be a reality, lol. Thanks so much for that; it certainly did perk me, meaning within the meaning.
Good talking to you! Pop on again sometime :)

nextguardian on January 7, 2010, 1:59:41 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianWow. Just amazing! That tree looks amazing! Okay, sorry, I DEFINETLY saw the girl first. Gorgeous work. Absolutely gorgeous!
Very *ahem* detailed, too!

If that's a 'sneak peak', I can't wait to see what else you cooked up!



always and forever babe

always and forever babe

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