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Ok, after kill a human in an accident, a ghost haunts Zim and Zin's base. O.o
OK, these are my chracter Bios, I'm still not quite done with them but o well! read them for inside facts about my characters!
Ok, u all know that Zim and Zin are like almost in love, but when Zin forgetts Zim and ever comming to earth due to
an actident, a horrible thing happens.....
Ok, this is an IZ story i made up with my IZ characters in it. It's realy funni! Read it!!! I command u!!!
Here's my friends in real life.
Zim and Zin are fighting agenst the Resisty in hope the irkans will defeat them once and for all! But the Resisty gots a plan to capture Zin and heart brake Zim by Killing her! Will Zim ever be the same? Will the Resisty's plan be a succsess?!
Zim gets a new partner named Zin, but mean while the old tallest Diela is tying to awake a monster that sucks all life named Destroylurk. Can Zim stop the monster, or will the univerce be in Dielas hands Forever! Go comment at deviantART, pretty please!! :D

This, needless to say, is based on The Magic. You'll learn more about that later.
I want to thank Infusions for inspiring a tidbit of this - the first customer
The one . . . the only . . . Me Myself and I movie. Starring Me, Myself, I, Johnny C., Zim, Jeremie, Spot, Sparky, Wilt, Kevin, and VT.
A little girl developes a crush on Zim. What will happen? Read to find out!
(Rated PG for mild violence)
It's like an episode of Zim I wrote in my sleep.