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All my new poems will be posted here from now on.

Poems counting: 3

* If interested, I can translate the Dutch poems into English, but understand that I'll literally translate what it says so all intented rhymm and flow will be gone.
Jenny is a seventeen year old who thinks she's a girl with boring aspects and personality. She passes her time by observing her two best friends Russ and Maya who she feels are interesting and special individuals. Not believing she really matters in this
Hi! 'When It Matters' is continued (a while ago) and now I'm posting it again.
I would post it in the other When It Matters story, but it won;t let me delete chapter 1a, so I could post chapter 1, so therefor I do it here.
Yeah, not the best I ever wrote - but I'm better at typing in Dutch than in English anyway ^.^
Some 'typical' phylosofic questions which I made up and answered according to my view on life. I invite anyone who wishes to share their view on these questions, to leave a comment with their answers
this is a True fact on life, its interesting to read if u want to no about the world today.
people want to know what i feel like, here u go
the results of drunk driving on prom night...the loss of a lover, and the heartach of those left behind

with song : simple plan-how could this happen to me
What if there was No-fear left in the
Im the type of guy who can let something go very easily, But then i remebered how much i love her.
us together...When we are together.
How great the telephone really is.
Me and my sis made this one up together.
some songs I wrote
This is what I see every night...
This is what helps me to sleep at night..
This is to my only love my Gf...
Another poem
I was watching Shark Tales:The Movie.
Believe it or not,but also listening to Nobodies:The song by Marylin Manson.
This is greatest song from th greatest band alive today, i think anyways Papa Roach.
This is about me,and how I look at things in this kind of a position and remembering what it was like.
I was influeced by the Movie:Breakfast Club when I made this poem today, and the Song:Hurt.
Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her
Well theirs not much to say here it's about the title basically..Suicide