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ShadowLove101's Profile
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Member Info
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It's time for: WHAT'S UP WITH THIS PICTURE?????:
that creepy guy up there is Jun!!! the bassist from UnsraW!!! STAY AWAY HE'S MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!! MINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINE!!!!! NOBODY is taking him away from ME!!!

Current Obsession!!!

Things I luv:
- Jrock
- Anime/manga
- animals
- yaoi
- video games
- art

anything u wanna ask me about anything in my profile, just ask. i'll be happy 2 answer especially if its about jrock. i need more ppl 2 talk about that 2.

Recent news:

Me and a few of my friends are planning on forming a rock band in a few years we are naming "I Don't Know,' or 'IDK' for short. We will focus on alternative and pop rock. Maybe metal if we're up for it. We will have songs in both English and Japanese. Here are the members: (some of us use fake names)

Kurenai [dragon] - lead vocals/bass
Audrey - rythem guitar/backup vocals
Steven - lead guitar
Kitsune [fox] - drums
Jill - director

to check out some of our lyrics, go 2 my story 'I Don't Know'

Broken Computer
Yup, you guessed it, my computer broke. it got hijacked >.< so... I won't be able 2 submit stuff for awhile. i can do fanfix, but no pix. sry pplz

I'm doing requests again!!!
- kissing scenes are difficult for me, try and keep those requests to a minimum
- with do yaoi, not yuri, sry coz if someone saw me drawing yuri, they'd be like 'wtf? r u a lezbo?' i dont want that
- ONLY does yaoi. i dont even do straight couples
- will do some action, but no nudity. not coz it bothers me, coz i'm bad at drawing it -_-
- sexy pix r hard 4 me, too, but I'll try ^^
- if ur pic isnt up in a week or 2, make sure to remind me. i might have forgotten
- if u give me a picture, I can do a realistic drawing. no colors, tho. note that i can get lazy with these and they may not be up for a couple months
- i might be able to manage a background

- will draw anything listed in this profile. this includes Jrock, anime, and manga

Recent works:
- me : Ain't afraid to die, Kyo (realistic)
- me : Yokan, Toshiya (realistic)
- me : Reita from the GazettE (realistic)
- LoveKisameChan : Kyo dragon
- Blencem : Hizuki of D'espairsRay


Jrockers who are MINE!!!
Toshiya (Dir en grey)
Reita (the GazettE)
Kanon (AnCafe)
Saga (alice nine)
Jun (UnsraW)
Reo (Guy's Family)
Gou (megamasso)
Aki (Sadie)
BAN (lolita23ku)
Yuuto (SCREW)

My Dir en grey experience:
OMG.... THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!! BEST NIGHT OF MY frackING LIFE!!! Kyo was SEXY!!! Die (who we were right in front of) was AWESOME with his headbanging. Kaoru.... Kaoru was sitting and being boring. -_- Shinya... I COUNLD NOT SEE HIM! >.< grrr.... anyways TOSHIYA (who is my fav) ROCKED SOX!!! He headbanged through the WHOLE DAMN THING!!! i luv him ^^ I screamed out his name whenever it got quiet.

Recent Jrock News:

BOU-CHAN LEFT AN CAFE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! and what's even worse is, THEY HAVE 2 NEW MEMBERS!!! GOD frackING DAMNIT!!! Takuya (the new guitarist) is kinda cute, but Yuuki (the keyboard player) IS frackING UGLY!!! His hair is... is... THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS 2 EXPLAIN HOW BAD HIS HAIR IS!!! He RUINED An Cafe!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!
the new An Cafe: (l-r: Kanon (bass) Yuuki (keyboard) Miku (vocals) Takuya (guitar) Teruki (drums)

yea... the new band is called S.K.I.N. and they formed in California (A Japanese band forming in America, that's new!) people call it a 'supergroup.' it consists of former members from broken bands. there's Gackt (MALICE MIZER) Yoshiki (X Japan) Sugizo (Luna Sea) and Miyavi!!! they say that they're gonna get an album out asap, but they don't have any PVs yet. i guess we'll just have to wait, won't we?
S.K.I.N.: (heh heh... no Sugizo in da pic... sry)
(l-r: Yoshiki (drums) Gackt (vocals) Miyavi (guitar)


My Jrock Youtube playlists (all jrock bands):

-text- means not for all ages
If any of these links don't work, please inform me
-***- means recomended by me ^^
[XPV] = not a PV; could be blank or just a pic in the background
[L] = live performance
[EC] = extra clip; usually of backstage or other places
[FV] = fanvideo
= english subs
[SS] = slideshow
if band members are not listed, it's most likely that I could not fing out their names and/or what position each member plays in the band
just coz i hav these bands here doesnt actually mean i like ALL of them. i just put them here in case any1 else did :) and U PPL BETTER BE GRATEFUL coz it takes me FOREVER 2 do this 4 u ppl!!!

Dir en grey: (2001) (l-r: Shinya (drums) Kyo (vocals) Die (guitar) Toshiya (bass) Kaoru (guitar)
"GARZE - mode of adam" -
"Schwein no Isu" -
***"Yurameki" -
"Raison D'etre" -
"304 Goushootsu, Hakushi no Sakura" -
"Cage" -
"Tsumi to Batsu" -
"Mazohyst of Decadence" -
***"Yokan" -
"Mask" -
"-zan-" -
"Akura no Oka" -
"GAUZE -mode of eve" -
"-I'll-" -
"Jealous" -
***"Taiyo no Ao" -
"Ash" -
"Myaku" -
"Kiri to Mayu"
"Ain't Afraid to Die" -
"Unknown... Despair... a Lost" -
***"[kr] Cube" -
***"embryo" -
***"JESSICA" -
"Increase Blue" -
"Kasumi" -
"Drain Away" -
"Obscure" -
***"Child Prey" -
"Amber" -
"-saku-" -
***"Machiavellism" -
"dead tree" -
***"THE FINAL" -
"Higeki Ha Mabuta Wo Oroshoota Yasashiki Utsu" -
***"Kodou" -
"Agitated Screams of Maggots" -
***"Grief" -
"Ryoujoku no Ame" -
"Clever Sleazoid" -
Mr. Newsman -
audrey [SS] -
Concieved Sorrow [XPV] -
Obscure [L] -
Cage [L] -
Marmalade Chainsaw [L] -
***-mushi- [L] -
***The Domestic F*cker Family [L] -
***laugh [EC] -
Mahna Mahna [FV] -
Dir en grey sleeping (aww!) [FV][SS] -
Dir en grey's bringin' Sexy Back [FV] -
***Hamster Dance [FV] -
Superstar [FV] -
***Dir en grey goes crazy [FV] -
Dir en grey sleeping 2!!! [FV][SS] -
Dir en grey sleep too much [FV][SS]-
***Kaoru falling off stage [EC] -
Kyo and Kaoru lol [EC] -
Arcade in Senpai [EC] -
Message for [a knot] [EC] -
Drunk Die (I'm a frackin rockstar, dog!!!) [EC] -

GazettE: (l-r) Aoi (guitar) Reita (bass) Ruki (vocals) Kai (drums) Uruha (guitar)

"Taion" -
"ruder" -
"zakuro gata no yuutsu" -
"Miseinen" -
"Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru" -
"Cockroach" -
"Anata No Tame No Kono Inochi" -
"wife" -
***"Zetsu" -
"Hyena" -
"juunana sai" -
***"no.[666]" -
***"Shadow VI II I" -
***"Filth in the Beauty" -
***"Cassis" -
"Shiawase na Hibi" -
"Wakaremichi" -
"senchimeteru Onigokko" -
"Doro Darake no Seishun" -
"Chizuru"('The Apartment' version) -
Aoi's dancing [EC] -
Reita and Kai matrixing [EC] -
***Ruki Molesting Reita [EC] (psst... watch Ruki's hands) -
***Aoi and Kai backstage [EC] -
Hey! Hey! Hey! Interview [EC] -
Calm Envy [SS] -

AnCafe: (r-l: Teruki (drums) Miku (vocals) Bou (guitar) Kanon (bass)

***"Wagamama Koushinkyoku" -
"Maple Gunman" -
"Escapism" -
"Snow Scene" -
"Odoru Meruhen Tokei" -
"Meryymaking" -
"Bonds kizuna" -
"Smile Ichiban Ii Onna" -
***AnCafe Expect Rush Photoshoot [EC] -
Kanon interview [EC] -

Alice nine: (r-l: Nao (drums) Saga (bass) Hiroto (guitar) Shou (vocals) Tora (guitar)

***"Gradation" -
"Velvet" -
***"Kowloon" -
"Fantasy" -
"Yami Ni Chiru" -
"Akatsuki" -
Yuri ha... -
***White Prayer -

Miyavi (solo artist)

"Are You Ready to Rock" -
"Pop is Dead" -
"Rock no Gyakushu" -
"Shindemo Boogie Woogie" -
"Freedom Fighters" -
"Itoshii Hito" -
"Kimi ni Negai wo" -
"Girls, be Ambitious" -
Selfish Love -
***Senor Senora Senorita -
***Kekkonshiki no uta -
***Neo Visualizm -
Kabuki Danshi -
Shouri no V-Rock -
Coo Quack Cluck ~Ku Ku Ruu~ -
Seikigata Koushinkyoku -
「Dear My Friend (Tegami o Kaku Yo)」 -
Ashoota Genki ni naare -
Jibun Kakumei -
Miyavi slappin' on his guitar [extra clip] -
***If you're happy and you know it [L] -

UnsraW (l-r: Rai (guitar) Tetsu (guitar) Yuki (vocals) Jun (bass) Sho (drums)
***9 -
Gate of Death -
Enshoku no Yume [XPV] -
Kyuumin -Oyasumi- [XPV] -
***Spiral Circle ~COMPLETE~ comment [EC] -
Holy Sink [L] -
Maria [L] -
***Under the Skin [L] -
-9- comment [EC] -
Gate of Death comment [EC] -
Spiral Circle -TYPE B- comment [EC] -
Calling comment [EC] -
Spiral Circle -TYPE A- comment [EC] -

WIZARD (l-r: Masumi (guitar) Haruka (drums) Kaito (vocals) Saki (bass) HIRO (guitar)
Cocktail -
Materia -
Breath -
Idea -
Masumi stripping [EC] -

Ayabie (l-r: Aoi (vocals) Takehito (guitar) Intetsu (bass) Kenzo (drums) Ryouhei (guitar)
goshikku paatii supiido sesshoN -
shiko sa hoko -
Caramel Town -
Kimi no Koe to Yakusoku -
Glitter Tropen -
Kuroi Tsukasa Sagui To Shinegai -
Sakura Mau Kisetsu Ni -
Taikanshiki zenya -
***Daikei -
sikosahoko -
Kiss Me Snow -
Kuoi tsukasa sagui to shinegai -
***Gothic Party -
Tsuki Koi -
Misery in the Dusk -

SCREW (l-r: Jin (drums) Yuto (bass) Byou (vocals) Kazumi (guitar)
***Death's Door -

Days -
Color of Mind -

12012 (l-r: Suga (guitar) Miyawaki (vocals) Kawauchi (drums) Enya (bass) Sakai (guitar)
Over -
Cyclone -
Pistol -
Burn -
Shudder -
icy cold city -
Heart -

D (l-r: Hide-zou (guitar) Hiroki (drums) Asagi (vocals) Tsunekito (bass) Ruiza (guitar)
Sleeper -
yami yori kurai doukoku no acapella to bara yori akai jo -
Taiyou wo okuru hi -
Dearest You -

Hakanai inori, namida ni sabite -
13 -

LAREINE (l-r: Emiru (bass) Kamijo (vocals) Mayu (guitar) Machi (drums)
Fiancailles -
Setsurenka -
Never Cage -
Saikai no Hana -
Cinderella Fantasy -
Fleur -
Fuyu Tokyo -
Metamorphose -
Billet -
Grand Pain -

NoGod (l-r: Kyrie (guitar) Karin (bass) Danchou (vocals) Aki (guitar) K (drums)
Guren -
Atria -

176BIZ (l-r: Tara (bass) Kasumi (drums) Yu (vocals) Toki (guitar) Setsuki (guitar)[/b]
Dekiai -

[no image found]
Place of Love [XPV] -
Kono Toki wo Tomete [XPV] -
Sosus [XPV] -

AILE (l-r: Kohsuke (drums) Akito (vocals) Tsuyoshi (guitar) Sai (bass) Yue (guitar)
Romance Senki -

Hana -
Snow Scene -
Fly High -

ASAGI (solo artist)
Corvinus -

Atsushi Sakurai (solo artist)
Sacrifice -
Taiji -

Unknown -
Knot Theory -
In a Coop -

Multiple Jrock:
[no image]
Miyavi & Kai (GazettE) [EC] -
Miyavi & GazettE backstage [EC] -
Jrockers are Dorks [FV] -
Funny Jrockers [FV] - [/color]

And now it's... KARAOKE TIME!!!!
Cassis - GazettE -
Filth in the Beauty - GazettE -
Taion - GazettE -
Cockroach - GazettE -
dead tree - Dir en grey -
THE FINAL - Dir en grey -
Ryoujoku no Ame - Dir en grey -
Vanilla - Gackt -
Redemption - Gackt -
Secret Garden - Gackt -
Dear my Friend - Miyavi -
Yokan - Dir en grey -
Kasumi - Dir en grey -
Drain Away - Dir en grey -
-mushi-[L] - Dir en grey -
Number Six - alice nine -
Kowloon - alice nine -

Jrock iconz:
Dir en grey:

funny pix!!! (lol)

Quiz stuff

my quizzes:
Who from the GazettE would love to date YOU?!!! -!!/
Who from Dir en grey would love to date YOU?!!! -

My quiz results:

Which GazettE member if for you?
(I am very confused at this result. it's not that I dont like Aoi, its just that I am nothing like him)

Who from the gazettE would hang with you?
You work at a music store.and all day no one's been doing or buying anything.Then this guy with a bandana on his nose comes into the keep asking yourself, were you've seen him before.He cmes up to the cash register with a bunch of stuff of the sex pistols, your fav. band."Nice choice of stuff.""Yeah there an awesome band."You nod."I have to agree there my fav. band."He smiles broadly."That's awesome."You nod and tell him the price.Then it hits you.. he's Reita from Gazette!"Hey your Reita..""Yeah, that's me. What tipped you off?""The bandana."He laugh and asks you if you'll join him later to go watch a movie.You nod and go with him.haha was that bad?
(now that's more like it! I find that I'm a lot like Reita coz he and I are both RANDOM and fun and yet somewhat mysterious (well, ppl tell me that I'm mysterious anyway) lol)

Who is your GazettE soulmate?
Uruha is your man! So your soulmate is someone who is mature and is a litte feminine.Plus HE'S AN AWSOME GUITARIST!!!
(is confuzzled again)

Who from GazettE would be your soul mate?
Your beloved is Reita, the quiet, tall, strong, beautiful bassist. He loves you, and will always love you for who you are and your willingness to never change that. He completes you, and his secret happiness is that you complete him.

Who from Dir en grey will be your baby's daddy?
YAY! You get Tochi, The goofball with the cute laugh. >< You and Him were really good friends for a really long time. One day while you and Him were wrestleing on the floor and goofing off, one thing lead to another, and Voil'a Pregnancy!!! He was so excited! He spent so much yen getting ready...Parenting classes, gormet baby food, expensive clothes, beds, (ect). After She was born He never put her down, you named her Tisha. Growing up lil Tisha was her Daddy's shadow. He always took her on tour, on video shoots, photoshoots,everywhere! There wasn't a magazine cover without him with her on it. She may have been spoiled but she didn't act it. When she turned 21 She became a Hair stylist who also made wigs for people with cancer and Male pattern baldness. She gave all the money she made to cancer research because She didn't need money cause Her daddy always took care of her money issues. You and Tochi never married, but you still remained pretty good friends( with benefits) lol.

Which one of the Diru boys is yours?
You got KAORU!! Kaoru Niikura. Or Kao, as his fans call him. hes the oldest, so Diru calls him "The Great Leader -sama". But being the oldest doesnt stop him from losing him self sometimes. Kaoru is guitarist. he is near-sighted, and he likes his adams apple.He will love you till the end of the world. So... what do you think?
(well, I guess I'm am kinda like him. I'm nearsighted and I'm RANDOM AZ HELL!!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!! just like Kaoru-san, lol. but i prefer Toshiya-chan ^^)

Dir en grey South Park (fanvidz REALLY FUNNEH!!!)

Which Dir en grey member is the best match for you?
Your best match is Kyo. Vocalist for Dir En Grey. You like to keep to yourself most of the time. Most people deem you 'mysterious' and 'shy'. But your mood swings easily and you can turn on the charm when you need to. You are picky when it comes to love, but love truely and deeply when you find it. You consider your intellegence your best feature, but that works as a double edged sword for some people can find you intimidating and stubborn. You don't care if the world doesn't understand you. You are happy with who you are, and that's all that matters.

Which Jrock band are you?
Youre Lolita23Q... not much to say about you.. :P!
(YEA! that band ROX!!!)

Life is unfair. I should no that. My mom died of cancer in November 2006. It's hard, but I've found ways to move along. If you ever get into a situation like me, turn to friends for suport. Friends are one of the most powerful people that you will find in your life. Nomatter what the situation, friends are always there for you and will always find a way to cheer you up. Always be strong. Don't keep it inside forever. It's alright to cry. I let tears fall, but i never emitted a sound. Don't be like me. It makes people think that you don't care. But I do. Never turn your back on a friend or family member. One day, they might not be there and you'll regret ever being spiteful to them. If you truely care for someone, you will truely mean it when you tell them this.:

What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would never be there?

What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy there would be 10 moments of sadness?

What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt?

So, I just wanted to say, even if I never talk to you again in my life, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.

I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.

Tell this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are.

Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will.

Remember, everyone needs a friend, someday you might feel like you have NO FRIENDS at all, just remember this and take comfort in knowing somebody out there cares about you and always will.

I'll Always Be There

In times of trouble,

In times of need,

If you are feeling SAD,

You can count on me.

I will give you a wink,

Until you smile,

give you a hug,

And stand by your side.

I'll be there for you till the end,

I'll always and forever, be your friend!

my mom:

Friends List:
Don't Ever Quote Mark Twain
cyborg katyuska
Moonlit Blood
royally spooky
My Last resort

extra stuffz:
(\_/) copy the bunny
(>_<) into your profile
'(__)' help him achieve
World Domintation

Put this in your profile if you love Jrock:
Jrock: my anit-drug
coz when all you can talk about is Jrock, drug dealers can never get a word in.


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sabsbhello!! hehehe after a long time of not going here hehehe i miss u guys! ^_^ it's because FAC takes so long to upload hehehe i have uploaded a new one a piccie of itachi hehehe i thik it didn't work out as i wanted to but still okay what do you think? hehehehe
jope it's good or i'm going to work my @$$ off again

LoveKisameChan on November 19, 2007, 10:30:30 AM

LoveKisameChan on
LoveKisameChanhi, ina! lolz hiyena... anyway, ummm... i forgot. oh, wait... waaaaaait... i remembered. ya know how i used 2 hate yuuki an' all? well, now i actually think he's really sweet. on of my favs, actually... sooooo... you need to draw more pics. now. grr.

LoveKisameChan on January 19, 2008, 4:09:59 AM

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ZOMGWTFBBQ cheescake

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naruchiwaHEY!!!!!!! IM BACK!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A NEW ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]

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BlencemI'M DONE WITH YOUR REQUEST THING xD sorry it took so long >.< hope you like it a little xD

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naruchiwaHey! Haven't spoken with you in a while! =0 How have you been? ^^

Blencem on August 17, 2007, 10:05:07 PM

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BlencemErm.. about the request -.- i'm gonna take a little longer i gues XD over 2 days i have to go to school again xD

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ToshiyasSlaveWHOO!! I got a new friend!!
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