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Rikku_Mogonei's Profile

Rikku_Mogonei's Profile
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Username Rikku_Mogonei Gender Female
Date Joined Location wherever my wolf is ^-^ *hugs Sammy*
Last Updated Occupation that ryhmes with "constipation"... ^-^ (*lol,sorry*)
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Member Info
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BDAY:May 12,1993
HAIR COLOR:Dark brown, light brown, a little blonde and red
EYES:Depends on my mood
FAVE ANIME:Ooh,don`t make me choose! D:
FAVE SOCKs: My stripey ones ^^
FULL NAME: Ashley Marie C. (*i`m so evil ^^*)
CLIQUE:Raver (*some goth*)
PET PEEVES: Flies that like to go in your eyes, annoying songs, people who corrupt others into believing what isn`t true, like that guys shouldn`t have feelings, Bobobo (*so annoying!!*), and................... Air. Why do we need it? I don`t want mine! *holds my breath,turns blue,and falls over, twitching* O_o
Let me just take a moment to say,I`m delightfully psychotic...

Well,I`m starting over. A fresh new month, a fresh new me.
So, I`m told I`m a pushover,I can live with that. But call me emo or prep,and I`ll be very upset with you. Nothing wrong with them,but I`m not one.

I take requests, but just know,I don`t have a scanner,so it could take anywhere from a day to weeks. I can`t help that, I have a busy life just like everyone else.

I`m a pretty hyper person,so if that annoys you,let me know, just don`t be rude.

I`m also told I have a sense of humor. *shrugs* I suppose I do...?

LIKES: Sushi, stripey socks,my friends, drawing,anime, kitties, ice cream, sugar, and anything to do with getting hyper.
FAVE DRUG: Life. try some,its good for you.
PIERCINGS: Just in my ears......
HATES: animal cruelty, meanies, people who only care about themselves, wannabes, and people who hate,period.

Thank you for taking the time to read my modest profile!

-Ash (*aka,Kitty*)


I`m just a southern girl,born and raised in Georgia. I`m the kind of person who is country, but,as you may have noticed, I don`t talk like one. My dad says I`m a yankee,but that just doesn`t make sense to me......... O_o

I won`t bother talking about my boyfriend, because I`ll just emberass myself, but he`s the sweetest,sincerest, most perfect guy you`ll ever meet. =)

Um........ Believe it or not, I`ve had two,yes, count `em, two break ups in the last two months. They were hard times, but I found that I can move on,if I must. fave music is:
Greenday, Evenescence, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Three Doors Down, Fallout Boy, Nickelback, Disturbed, System of a Down,Papa Roach, Crossfade,Avril Lavigne, some J-pop, techno, rock,but I hate rap...that`s about it for now.

My fave colors are orange, black,purple, red, green, and navy blue.

I hate, hate, HATE PINK! I guess it has nothing to do with preps, because not all of them are evil barbies,or whatever. i don`t like to label people and hate them because of it.

My best friends are:
Sam01 (I`m sowwy!! *eyes watering up*)
~*gerard_frankie_lvr*~(*omg,i can`t believe i forgot!!!*)
Lex (*and Alex,lol ^^*)
demonofsand (You`re welcome to another chance)
mao hiwatari

If you want to be on the list, please just know that you can be removed just as easily. Just remember that. You may also realize that all my friends are also my best friends. =)

I know this is the second time,but........... goodbye! ^^

and remember folks, beware the dangers of praying:



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tonkslover on April 22, 2013, 11:12:34 PM

tonkslover on
tonksloverHey if you ever check this again. U can email me at {option}  just I miss u.. idk why i cant forget u

tonkslover on February 4, 2011, 10:48:36 AM

tonkslover on
tonksloveri doubt ull be getting the number u asshole... i still hold claims to ash

demonofsand on May 19, 2010, 12:41:31 PM

demonofsand on
demonofsandHey Ash it si Jordan or Demonofsand. I was wondering if I get your number again, the old one doesn't work

tonkslover on April 13, 2010, 7:37:13 AM

tonkslover on
tonksloveru better still come when u said

ArmitageXDX on August 5, 2008, 4:41:11 PM

ArmitageXDX on
ArmitageXDXbored as hell. *pokes u* i know u won't probably read this *Stickes tounge out* *howls* and also i'm just playing around untill i call u *kisses your cheek*


Kairukurumi on January 28, 2008, 4:41:05 AM

Kairukurumi on
KairukurumiHey, it's me, Kai. Just going around telling all my fans that I can only be found exclusively at from now on. If you want to check up on new art, talk, or anything else, I'm only going to be uploading, etc. there. Just tell me who you were on here so I'll know who you are, okay?

Little_miss_angel on January 3, 2008, 1:00:04 AM

Little_miss_angel on
Little_miss_angelWow, thats real long! lol. Sorry theres so much! "-_- ^^'

Little_miss_angel on January 3, 2008, 12:57:22 AM

Little_miss_angel on
Little_miss_angelOkay...well last year I...there was a guy that i li- no...that i loved...he supposedly loved me too, and it was a big happy relationship(even though I wasn't, and I'm still not allowed to date) lasted for nine months. He cheated on me to go for this girl in my school who acted and dressed like a slut, but wasn't really. I don't like her but anyways, she always ended up spending a lot of money on her and her friends, and always thinking that he'd get some in return(if you know what I mean)All he got was a kiss on the cheek, so he dumped her and came crawling back to me. I took him back cause I was in love. He said he hadn't cheated on me, cause we weren't technically dating. But he started going with her, right after he promised he wouldn't go with another girl. It went on like that from then on. not going with other girls but arguments, and fights and everything between is kept going on and off, like a puzzle, taking it apart, only to put it back together again, but he didn't know that my heart was reacting like the puzzle too. So finally, on the first week of school he got mad at me for simply not standing up for myself and started ignoring me, and I got fed up with it, and for once I didn't take him back. The puzzle was left unfinished, but my heart was being peiced back together, not by someone else. Like I said, I had moved on. I fell in love with one of my friends in our group that always sits in a certain hall at lunch. All our friends do that. His name is Steve, he's 18(yeah i know 4 year age diffrence) and he was one of the sweetest guys I'd ever met. He'd been there for me a lot, and he'd made me feel better about myself. Also once when my ankle was aching, he helped me walk cause it really hurt for me and he could see it, and he massaged my ankle too. It was so sweet of him, and it didn't hurt to walk anymore. I was in love again and my heart was back in one peice. Then, of coarse SMASH! Steve had to leave our school. He was dropping out, because his family wasn't doing that well with money. It hurt but that wasn't the only thing that broke my heart again. The day he told me was his second last dy and that was the day I got my first kiss too. He kissed me too. My friend and I were spinning, and she accidentally let go, and I hurt my knee, and my friend was like, "Steve get over here! Your girlfriends lips hurt, come and kiss them better!" And I was telling her to shut up and stop embarrasing me. Steve was just like, "Come here" so I did,all bold, and I though "He won't do it" and then he just kissed me. I stood frozen with shock for a few seconds, and it took my mind five minutes to register. All I hear was my other friend giggling and babbling about something like I was blushing, but my mind was a blank and still registering, so I just automatically told her to shut up, not that she did, cause she didn't. The friend who told him to kiss me was standing there, mouth open, eyes wide with shock. I was so happy. Anyways, after that I was almost late for class, so Steve was walking me there. (I wasn't late though) And I dropped hints that I enjoyed it. So before I went into class, he kissed me again. The next day was his last day there. He leaves after lunch, but in the morning when I saw him, I gave him a really cute good-bye card I made him.(It was actually just a sheet of paper with writing an pics) Everyone thought it was adorable, and he stared at it for about 5 minutes, and then he was like, "Aww, your gonna make me cry. That's bad, no making me cry" (the last part he said as a joke) So I just laughed a little and glomped him^^ But I couldn't believe he liked it that much. His voice was shaking a bit and he actually looked like he could cry. He kissed me 2 times that day, when the bell rang and after lunch. 4 times in total^^ And after lunch when he left in my last 2 classes, I cried. Infact once I had to ask to get out for a minute. Now I haven't seen him in almost 2 months. I really miss him, but we can never hang out. We were getting really close and now we're getting further. All that, is what broke it again. Ryan still loves me too, and he was so surprised when he found out I wasn't coming back to him. He now hates Steve and life, because I'm not in his much anymore. A friend i have online loves me too, and I can't love him back cause I couldn't handle an online relationship. I need to see the person everyday. Plus at semi-formal, my friend asked this cute guy we were talking to to get a picture with me, and he said yes, and for the picture, he put his arm around me out of his own free will. Now my fried and my cousin (they WERE dating at the time and they came too) both think he liked me. So now my situation is, there are 2 people in love with me, one person who supposedly likes me, and a guy I like. PHEW! That's the whole story. Everything you missed while you were gone. What do ya think? PM me or just write on my profile, you haven't told me about what happened with u lately!^^ I luv ya sisa!^^
Your sisa,



Me (*Requested*)

Me (*Requested*)

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