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Have you ever been dancing, and you heard the bells ring? We implore you, never stop your dancing to look for the bells... if you do, you will die.
A continuation of the Dragon Ball saga through my words
Rated: PG
Genre: Humor/General
Summary: An evil man has died. Just before he arrives at his final destination, he is given a second chance at life, only if he can fulfill his mission: To protect the life of a young Neko girl. Simple task, right?
A small story that I wrote for a friend of mine.pretty good actually.
um i dont know how to pot this story
Arale's innocent naiveté collapses at the jeers of several cruel men, throwing the android girl for a sudden, emotional spin. Can the friendship and love of Goku bring her back to herself before she abandons all that she once was? Goku/Arale.
This isn't really a story, it's just for humor. This is some of the things my mom said when she was in the same room as me when I was watching DBZ. She said some pretty weird things...