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well ya just got to read it to find out wot its about
The rain outside drums like a alcohol influenced heartbeat

Gerard's been on a bender and it shows
but will Frankie love him
and share a kiss before he goes?
based on a my chemical romance song and gunslinger girl<3
In school we had to make something that would turn people invisible. I used my famous ninja characters, and made this. HA!
Malik whimpered but Marik's grip tightened. Tears running down his disheartened face, he choked out…One-Shot Songfic to MCR's 'I Don't Love You'. YMxM MarikxMalik
Just random story i wrote in school.The endings really bad casue i wrote it when i got home from school and all my creativity went byes.actally the whole storys really bad casue i cant wright.
For charlotte♥
Casue i said so.
Frankie acidently kills his pet snake and is sad.
Gerard gets his friends and brother togther and dose somthing to cheer Frankie up.
Another Random AFI and MCR story of when they were teenager-esc
One shot drabble. What does your mind tell you?
Well this story beats my last 1 cause that 1 sucked, this 1 does too but not as much so yno. well anyway, its a classic mcr story withthe frerard loveyness and stuff, so uhm, enjoy :]

oh yeah and chapter 3 sucks
A story about Gerard and a's actually pretty good...
Okay... let me explain. This is what my life would be like if I really knew MCR from when we were young. I am the girl in the very beginning and my name is Ira. I am way older than I am now. Probably 28. Yeah... I'm around their age... Just love my fantasy world and stop thinking about how strange I am!
Gerard is a senior in highschool, he has a wonderful girlfriend, but when she get's ill...what will he turn to?
The members of MCR get a new traveling companion.
But where did this person come from?
And whats going to happen now that they're here?