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What hapend befor Sly 4..... well find out what Evil plan Dr.M has planed in Under the Rubble
"Future Robotnik" This was inspired by DCAarmus's description of the SatAM Robotnik in one of the scripts for his flash series "SatAM-Season0" The drawing is but a sketch.
When this came to my mind so did a little story...

Consider this a small f
This is a Dream-fanfic (The entire event was experienced in a dream with little alterations) and is completely around the SEGA character Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Eggman). It has only altered slightly to improve the reading experience. It's been a long time
Arale's innocent naiveté collapses at the jeers of several cruel men, throwing the android girl for a sudden, emotional spin. Can the friendship and love of Goku bring her back to herself before she abandons all that she once was? Goku/Arale.
Another Crap-tastic poem by yours truly...Another one for L.A....It is based off of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech...::Salute's Dr. King::