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Operations management assignment help service for Australian students streamlines the process of tackling complex assignments. Operations management encompasses the efficient planning, organising, and supervision of production and service processes. These assignments delve into topics like supply chain management, quality control, inventory management, and process optimisation. 
Seto Kaiba is having trouble with some homework... who better to help him than the best tutor on campus, and roommate, Sebastian Michaelis (Warning: OOCness is almost absolute... I apologize)
Please Help me and tell me things i can improve on! This is a W.I.P
... i dont feel like explaining, please enjoy.
weird poem type thing....Not sure what it's supposed to be. I wrote it while listening to a song of the same name by a band called poe.
Uhm this i wrote in class in honor of what my teacher had to go through one day. *thinks* Well maybe i exagerated a bit but an eraser was stuck up my nose by a blonde idiot b----.
well half of it

can u plez help me out
my parents r plannin me to go away...
Let me help you.