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When there''s nothing in life worth living for, where do you turn? For Jun, it is a simple matter of turning on his Famicom and escaping to another life. Sooner or later, though, his past will catch up to him. [Original story inspired by Yume Nikki.]
Unreal Tournament. A great game, but does anyone really know the characters and the story plots to it all. I don''''t think I know anyone who does. But those are the things I like to take interest in and review.
Outtakes from your favorite Video Games on and off the screen.

Latest Chapter: Crossover

Next Chapter: Kingdom Hearts
The KH story with a twist, taking place from the Organizations point of view, but also Kairi's, and and OC.
a character i made up at 3 years old and now i am 15 going on 16 in 09/23/06
After Jak 3. Torn is bitten by a mysterious creature and things go crazy.
An AAML videofic set to "Dreaming of You" by Selena. Misty struggles to work up the nerve to confess her feelings for Ash. Rated G.