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[WIP] Her mission, from the beginning, had always been clear, but now towards the end, where lines are blurred and dreams are faded, she must overcome an obstacle she could have never foreseen. [Tenten and Shino - Neji and Tenten]
Aye, what an interesting crossover!! Read and tell me what you think! I've got some fan art up, feel free to browse my art.

WWOOO I got some comments!! I love you all!!! I'm so releived.. I thought it sucked, that's why no one was commenting.

If there are any pictures you want me to draw from this, just say the word and I'll do what I can. Cudos!
If there's more than one of these stories posted, read this one, this is the one that works. ^^;

I'm sorry, I had to delete the file and reload it. So I lost all of the wonderful comments made. :'(
It got really spaced out, I'm sorr
I am starting a series. The first book, Saffire, is what I'm writing now. Enjoy.
It's about a sea otter named Strike Speedwater, once a cabin boy to a band of sea rats, and a river ottermaid maid named Barkwater Streamtail, a lone traveling otter, and where the road of friendship takes them.