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AtemTafaruLinNayan's Profile

AtemTafaruLinNayan's Profile
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Username AtemTafaruLinNayan Gender Female
Date Joined Location (Real Life) Canyon Lake, Texas, Unitedstates (Anime Life) Ancient Egypt
Last Updated Occupation Freshman, High School Queen Of Ancient Egypt
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Member Info
I type My Own Storys on Microsoftword currently now have 6 typed or handwritten, a major grammer punk. Is going to be a fresh man in High School! My nick Name Is Atem Tafaru Lin Nayan. My background Is (Listed in order) 'Egyption, German, Japenesse, and Jewish! I'm a major number one loving yaoi Freak! My favorite 'Yu-Gi-Oh' character is Pharaoh Atem/Yami. (Post Script I have the biggest Crush on him, in all the world!)

Atem-Don't Tell them that!

Me- Their'er going to find out sooner than any ways!

Atem-(Adimt look defeat!)

I used to have a former boyfriend but dumped him, in the middle or the 4/6 weeks of school in San Antonio NISD (I gave him the silent treatment then told him that hate him at the winter dance), for my true boyfriend, Atem!
Living up in Canyon Lake, Texas! I can dance with a hulahoop and I like 'Tokyo Mew Mew!'
This site is added to fav's, my serch engien is 'Google' and my showes or books are (Listed in no particuler order!) 'Inu-Yasha, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, FullMetal Alcomist, Static Shock and what ever I can think of!
I hate sbjects Math and History, I like Reading, Science, and English!

Me- Soooo Atem?


Me-You think that were a perfect match?

Atem- Yes!

(Gives big french kiss for all to see!)

Me-(Blushing!) You were never to hesintent like the rest of the gang!

Atem-I know!

Me- I am the Queen of Egypt!

Atem-I bet the Others are jeluose now!

Me-Yep! They are! (I have Powers due to my ansistor, Pharaoh Ramises the third!

Atem-To true!

(Gives aonther loooonnngg French Kiss!)

Me-(Blushing!) I Love You!

Atem-I love too!

Sooo What do think? I have a email but its my dads old one! Sooooooooooooo Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeee don't send any E-mails! Thank You!

Here is one of my storys that is handwritten!

Domino City

"Thank You for letting me move with you Mrs.Motu!"

"Your Welcome Tafaru!" Mrs. Motu thanked as we drove into domino city, "You needed to escape you Older Brother, Ryou! And to add that you have been go out with my Oldest son for over a year!

"Mother no need to rub it!" Atem Motu sounded irritated!

"Yes she does!" YuGi Motu spoke in a gleeful voice. He sat to my right as I snuggeled up with Atem!

"YuGi whats that?" Pointing out the window, the secound his turned I twisted his ear!

"Ouch that hurt!"

"Maybe you need to wash your mouth out with soap!"

"Cut it out you two!" Mrs Motu interupted.

"Yes Mrs Motu!"

"Okay Mom!" YuGi turned to face the window.

"Atem," I wispered, "When are we going to get married?"

"Soon! Soon Angel!" Answering with a kiss on the Lips!

"EW! Mom they kissed again!"

"YuGi you know that I'm preety laid back about it! Just let it go! Anyways, Atem did pick the perfect Soulmate!"

"Mom no need to say that! He already knows!

"Hey I'm just saying that when he finds a Soulmate, they can kiss all they want, Son!

[I'm Sorry that's all I have handwritten in a note book! PLEASE LEAVE a comment]

[I'M BACK! Atem-you don't have to yell it out! Me-Sorry, so heres more to my story]

"EW!" YuGi made a disgusted face and made a 'I frack YOU!' one at me!

" Mrs.Motu, he did it again!"I whined.

"Yugi, I saw that! And you can call me Yoko!" (How to pronuciat Yo-Ku)

"Okay Yoko!"

"Mom, SHEESH, your always over welmend!" Atem doged in frount of are conversaition.

In a chilled vioce, "Atem your the one who is over welmend by homework, staying up late, and do i hate to mention, go out with me! When all I do is when I get home is my homework then, I can have fun for the rest of the day!" Softly adding in his ear, my warm breath on it!

[Please forgive me I must rap this up! but check in on my profiles twice a day! In the mourning and in the afternoon!]

[Hello again! I have more of my story ready and in this part a brand new character comes in!]

"Your right Tafaru! I am a little too overwelmend!" Saying before giving me a french kiss!

"Here we are! Our new house!" A gleeful vioce spoke!

"Yeah!" Yelled YuGi!

"Finally! I can strech my legs!"

"Atem, no need to do that! We are sharing a room after all!"

Autor's Note Apologies

I am truely sorry for not getting back to my story!

To make up for it, I will dedicate this story to slifertheskydragon, Lazycarter, Sorceress Ultimecia, fallenangel, cstdenis, and DG-sama! Please accept this genorise gift!

July 15, 05 Sorry Guys and Gals for not getting back, my Labtop Notebook was acting up and will only let me listen to my downloaded music!

Scoop (This is for the Yu-Gi-Oh Fans Only!)

Okay, Okay, Heres the scoop, Go to Find Multimeida. Click op & end theme, mp3, lyrics. Next Download 'Shadow Game, Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Battle Ship Alcatraz Duel Tower, Doma Oracalcos Saga, and KC Grand Prix Pharaoh's Memory.' This is all the songs from the Japenesse version! There's Kareoke, Instramental, one Live Take, and TV Versions, Singers Recorded songs and please no lyrics downloads! You will find open and ended songs on the right side, use those! And beware of the 'Enter The Top Yu-Gi-Oh Sites' Pop ups when you go back to the main page! Thanks for eberything!

And Please No Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Stuf, Here in America were stuck till we get new 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' show Stuf. and no I am Not trying to butter you up!

July 19, 05>Sorry Guys and gals! My own standing is hard to come by! Hahaha! Just wait and you'll be amazed!

Atem-What do you mean by amazed?

Me-Oh you know, the basics!

Atem-By the Basics? (Scraches head)

Me-Yeah! Dueling and such! I had my own club in school, Blue Moon! Sveral friends with there own nicknames, Let's see if I can remmeber any of them! Chi, Yuki Berry, Sakito, Sune, Yoko,...

Atem-... Keko, Shisu, Anny Sakurima, Hededki, Hiakuma, Hoku, Kisu, Seko, Suki, Mana, and Tashi! I know them all!

July 24-28, 2005
Sorry every one I was at camp, yfjc, Youth Fire Junior Camp, at Tarply, Texes. I was sick on July 26,2005, It took me 24 hours to get better!

I've been Ornary lately!

Atem-Yeah you could say that!

Me-Does famous anime fall!

Bye Bye! See you next time! ^_^

July 28, 2005
Dear Black Breaze,

I've read your comment but I don't mind furries! I only thing I don't like someone correcting me and all, on Grammer! I just got back from camp today (July 28, 2005) and I've been seperated from my labtop for five days, since Sunday Morning!

Atem Tafaru LinNayan

July 30, 2005
Dear cjones,

Did I get that correct? Thank you for your comment! I relly apprecate it! You are now 'dedicated' to my story, unlike black breeze is! You Like my picture? I now it was tempteting, but my Heart practilly falls when I see Atem! TV, Internet, Comic Books, Posters, etc, etc.

Atem Tafaru LinNayan

Bye Bye Evryone!!!^_~ (11:14 PM)

Here's a freebe and a growing Anime Avatar World! This is all for you Anime-Avatar fans! ^_~


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cjones on July 29, 2005, 1:15:26 PM

cjones on
cjonesHi! im new here and i really liked that story i read!!! i also have some yu-gi-oh art i'll be posting soon!

Black_Breeze on July 18, 2005, 3:18:04 AM

Black_Breeze on
Black_BreezeHello, I just read a bit of your story here... And I just wanted to say that you have a bit of spelling errors, puntuation errors, capitalization errors and such in your writing. You also used some wrong words in your story as well. Not to be rude, but it's just a heads up that you may need to edit it a bit more before putting it onto set. Sorry to be a bother!

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