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dA: Dagger-A09

I'm an artist-person. Here's an FAQ for what you need to know:

-???What type(s) of art do you do???
I do traditional fanart for the most part, so you're likely to see mostly that in my gallery. I prefer digital, but I have no programs other than MS Paint where I can edit/create pictures as of now. >_<

-???What supplies do you use???
Markers: Crayola, Prismacolor, Roseart
Ink: Sakura Pigma Microns(only for manga work), Uniball, Pilot penz!
Paper: Whatever I can find, really... >_>
Colored Pencils: Crayola, Faber Castell, Prismacolor
Sketching pencils: .7 mm HB Papermate mechanical pencil... with a nylon eraser. :P
Gelpens- MessageStor. 100 different pens to choose from... and I only use maybe ten of them.

-???Can I be your friend???
If you manage to 'impress' me, by all means.

-???How can I 'impress' you so you can be my friend???
Some people don't have to try. But lets lay down a few things if you're that damn desperate:
1) At least make an attempt to use proper grammer and spelling in comments and posts and whatnot. Please. I dun' wanna see 'Omgroflmao11!1' and that kind of stuff if you get my idea. It's okay to goof off, just not to the point where it makes you look like the annoying little fracking idiot that you are.
2) Don't be mean. ^_^
You don't makes friends by calling them assholes.
3) Actually act like a friend and do stuff that friends usually do.
4) If you are a fangirl who is obsessed with gay-i-fying characters and nothing else or if you write Mary-Sues (a bad form of a self-insert) you won't even be considered as a friend. No apologies there, fangirls.

-???Can I have your phone number???

-???Do you recommend making one-word (or two-word) comments???
NO!! No no no no NOOOOOO! If you are going to make a one-word comment (or a remarkably stupid one, for that matter), your comment will be delete'd off the face of this planet! If I see something like 'Yay! J4k iz t3h s3xxy111', and nothing that REALLY has to do with the picture itself; delete'd. Then I will find out where you live... and bring shame upon your house. You have been warned.

-???Why don't you ever update???
I don't feel like it, and I have lots of other things to do.

-???Who teaches you how to draw and where do you get your inspiration???
I am a self-taught artist, and have been throughout my entire life (which isn't that many years, really), and learn by studying other people's art and picking out things I like best about one's piece. I do look at tutorials online occasionally, though. I used to hate drawing people/humans/humanoids when I was younger, but after I found a tutorial and I studied the way many artists created people, that's all I'll ever draw now... other than ottsels... I get most of my inspiration from the Jak and Daxter universe (copyright to NaughtyDog! Don't sue me! Don't sue me!), my favorite set of games. I also get other inspiration from music (mostly from Sting, Pink Floyd, Anastacia, and Nickelback... if you don't like my taste, I don't care!) and occasionally movies (action movies... like X-Men, the Matrix, Underworld, and all that wierd shoot.) XD

-???Are you looking forward to the next Jak and Daxter game???
Hell YES!! If you want information on this game, join me and my friends at on the JakX boards! So go there now!

-???Can I have your phone number now???
... No.

-???What do you do when you're not online???
Draw, read, play videogames, draw, obsess over drawing things from videogames, school, homework, interior design, etc.

-???What exactly do you draw???
For the most-part, I do Jak and Daxter fanart. I'll do some Ratchet and Clank here and there, some LoZ, Metroid Prime, and Inuyasha (mostly Kirara :3).
For J&D: Super-duper action pictures (like, 'shplosionz and gunz 'n stuff), dark Jak pictures (expect bloody morbid-ness), KeiraXlightJak (shut-up; I know I'm weird already!), AshelinXTorn (wheee!), TessXDaxter(expect a lot of that! XD), RaynXRazor (they'd make a cute/ununusual couple), light Jak pictures (they're always so happy!!), occasional landscapes and interiors, the rare comic, chibis!
LoZ: I draw mostly Navi. I like blue, sparkley, glowy things, so yeah.
Metroid: cute Metroids that ask for hugs (yaaaay!), Ridley (although my pics of him suck as of this very moment), and the occasional Chozo (or at least what I think Chozos looked like).
Inuyasha: Inu, Kirara, Miroku... mah favorite chars
Ratchet&Clank: Usually just Ratchet posing and stuff with guns... nothing special, sorry.

-???Why is it you don't tell me anything???
Pediphiles. They're everywhere! They wanna grab some @$$ and then kill ya'. j/k
The real answer: I don't feel like it. Bite me.

-???Will you do a request/art-trade for/with me???
Possibly. It depends on how well I know you. If you are some random person just from precursors-know-where asking out of the blue, there is a 99.9% chance that you won't get your wish. I do requests and trades with friends though who I know will do an equally good job and will actually try to make their pieces look nice and whatnot.

-???May I steal your art???
No. It's illegal. You see, there is this thing called a 'watermark' and a 'signature'. There is also this thing called a 'Copyright'. When you see any of those three... anyways...

-???May I print/advertise/publish your art???
YOU MUST ASK FOR MY PERMISSION FIRST. You do NOT print/advertise/publish anything of mine before you ask. You ask first, then IF (big IF) I say YES, then you may go right ahead. You must state where the picture will be, what it's for, and give credit to the artist and give a link to the exact location of where you found it. Or else I will come to your house and bring shame upon your family name and you will be known around the world as an art-stealer and you will be shunned from society and then no one will love you, everyone would hate you and try to kill you, then when you die you meet God, who doesn't want to forgive your sins and sends you to Hell, where Satan worships you for being so evil and stupid at the same time all while you die so horribly and painfully many deaths of infinitium over and over and over each increasing in pain tenfold for the rest of eternity. Same applies for stealing art and fangirls.

-!!!You're too strict! *cries*!!!
Stfu, stop doging, and follow the rules. Have a nice day.

Now that the FAQ is done with... you can go do something else now, bye-bye. Sorry if I sound too mean. I'm more or less talking to the stupid ones, so sorry if you're smart and offended :)

3 things that make an artpiece a piece of art:
-Time (AKA 'patience')

... Talent helps too, but I go by these for the basics. ^_^
Thankyou everyone, and goodnight!


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DA09 on January 14, 2006, 3:20:20 PM

DA09 on
DA09Hey there, JAKF. :)

Phoenix_Flower on January 1, 2006, 6:12:36 PM

Phoenix_Flower on
Phoenix_FlowerHey, I remember you from dA. It's me, JakAndKeiraFan.

DA09 on November 6, 2005, 12:58:46 PM

DA09 on
DA09You're very-much-welcome. :D

Noria on November 5, 2005, 9:03:00 AM

Noria on
NoriaThanks alot for the fav. It truely means alot to me. Keep up the awsome work as well. ^_^

DA09 on October 22, 2005, 3:13:04 AM

DA09 on
DA09I am one of the rare 'Jak-fans' that appreciate the series for what it is and more. *bows*

inferno_fox on October 10, 2005, 12:40:11 AM

inferno_fox on
inferno_foxheeey!! another jak fan!! KOOL!!lol

anyway, glad u like da pic!! see ya around!!

DA09 on September 19, 2005, 11:45:23 AM

DA09 on
DA09I feel loved.

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