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Favorite Stories

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The New Sailor Scouts are back. New enemys. More action. And more crazy Hika stuff. Also a new main charcter. Lastly leaves that can the scouts defeat a enemy that knew the scout genaration before them. Find out. HeatherxAlex fluff.
naraku pretends to be inuyasha and goese to kagome what is he doing to her. Why is inuyasha cry what happend?
read to find out!
Kagome has a dream will it come true? read and find out if it happens if it douse or doesn't "click second one of this"
Something wierd is happening.Kagome is thinking about telling InuYasha how she feels, Sesshomaru is coming along saying something about sisters, which InuYasha finds out he has two sisters, Koga comes to tell Kagome that they're 'not meant to be', an
Ten Inuyasha obsessions. (I do about half of them)
Shippo pranks his friends on April fools day, but he gets a big suprise when they get him back.
Inuyasha has to go to school with Kagome after they get blocked out of the well.
kagome is changing into what inuyasha is!!! find out what happens.
Inuyasha knows he has feeling for Kagome.
But will he ever be abel to show them to her? It doesnt help that they have been kidnapped be an demond and koga, the wolf demond that loves kagome, must save them...
This is a poem my little sister wrote with my help. It's about Kikyo thinking about InuYasha.
Please read & comment
Inu & kagome have switched bodies thanks to kaede. Find out what happens in this twisted adventure. Please comment!
This is another kikyo poem that I like.
It didn't take as long to write as the other one but its still good. Please comment
this is a poem about kikyo. It took me forever to get it right and im really proud of it. if your a kikyo fan this is a must read!
During a battle Inuyasha protects Kagome from a poisoned arrow. Now to save his life Kagome and the others must get help from... WHO?!
What the title says
A new chapter to BlackWingedAngel009's
Little funny thing I made up of whne Kagome brings a boombox and tries to get Inuyasha to dance. It's pretty short but it's still funny.