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JadenLover95's Profile
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Username JadenLover95 Gender Female
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Member Info
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hi I'm a yu-gi-oh & yu-gi-oh GX fan & I take Requests
My Favorite Couples:








 I Have 6 OCs They Are:

1)Charity Dilley
Hair)Red with yellow ends. Alittle past her thighs
Power)Bright Fire
Wing color)Red
Wears)Black sleeve less slicky shirt, Hot-Pink mini skirt, white sneakers, red and yellow anklets and bracelets, yellow choker necklace with red heart, and Crystal blue, sparkley tiara

2)Angolina Dilley
Hair)Rainbow. 5 feet long
Eyes)Rainbow that  sparkle
Uniform)Ra Yellow
Wing color)Rainbow
Wears) A rainbow shirt (kinda like a bra), Rainbow mini skirt, white knee length high heels, Rainbow necklace, Rainbow bracelets, and Rainbow, sparkley tiara

3)Summer Rose
Age)14 n a half
Hair) Red with black tips. Alittle past her shoulders
Eyes) Red
Uniform)Slifer Red
Wing color)Bloody Red
Wears) Red sleeve less shirt that says (in black letters) "Good For You", black mini skirt, red 6 inch high heels, red and black bracelets, red necklace taht in black letters says "FOXXY", and Bloody Red tiara with white crystals.

4)Trevor Dilley
Hair)Blond. Alittle past his ears
Uniform)Obalisk Blue
Wing color)Yellow
Wears)Yellow shirt with some holes, blue jeans with some holes, black shoes, and yellow tiara (Like Roy and Marth's)

5)Shawn Rose
Age)14 n a half
Hair)White. Alittle past his ears
Wing color) White
Uniform: Slifer Red
Wears) White shirt, white jeans, white shoes, and a white tiara (Like Marth and Roy's)
Zachary Dilley
Age)14 1/2
Hair) Brown with blond highlights. Allite past his ears
Eyes)Dark Green
Wing Color) Dark Green
Uniform) Ra Yellow
Wears) Dark Green shirt with some holes, Dark Green jeans with some holes, dark green shoes, and a dark green tiara (like Roy and Marth's)
Friends and ppl you should look at:
MusicMakingVideoQueen001 (Solby)-BFFE and IM buddy
TotallySpies31 (Trev)-BFFE and IM buddy
Sonic_Riders_Freak (Slash///)-BFFE and IM buddy
Daisy89 (JP)-Cousin and IM buddy
Shadow_Girl123 (Haruka)-BFFE and IM buddy
Whisper_The_Mercury_Panther (Melody)
Kayla_The_Hedgehog (Kayla)
Requests: (I'll take 4-5 at a time)
Art-Trades: (I'll take 4-5 at a time)
1: Shadow_Girl123-
Art-Trade and Requests rules: 
1. NO yuri
2. Maybe, sometimes, yoai
3. NO NC-17 nor R
4. Maybe, sometimes, PG-13 or PG
5. I'll draw your OC's if you want

Shows/movies/games I only draw:
Xiaolin Showdown
Maybe, sometimes, Legend Of Zelda
Maybe, sometimes, YGO
Maybe, sometimes, Danny Phantom
Maybe, sometimes, Mario
Maybe, sometimes, Inuyasha
Maybe, sometimes, Naruto
Lookie at my profile pic and my avatar!!!!! Its the TOP 3 bishis on my list!!!! ^_^ Slade, Jagger, & Chazz Princeton from YGOGX!!! ^_^.....I'm starting to REALLY like Slade & Jagger Oo....I'm even making a Slade/Jagger/Chazz/Charity fic!!arity fic HAVE I LOST MY FRICKIN' MIND?!!!!!! O______O


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totallyspies31 on February 25, 2006, 3:31:42 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31Oh my god. You are 11 years old. I am 15 for gods sake. Thats it. I am gonna kick some 10000 years of chinese whop @$$ on you. No, just kidding. I cant believe you are 11 years old. I am shocked. I thought you would have been 13, 14 or 15. But no. A preteenish guy lover. Thats something you dont see everyday. No wait, I do. One of my friends is that way. Well it was nice chatting back to you. I gotta go. I will try speaking with you later. About liking boy/mansex stuff. Cause Im gonna kick ur @$$. I wont. I sortof have this gangster part in me. Anyway, I will see again later. Okay, CYA!!!!!!!!! CJ. And I will TRY to wait for your stories to be updated.

totallyspies31 on February 24, 2006, 5:30:55 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31Hi. I just read your other story. Not the special yaoi or music room one, the other one. It's got a good start. Oh, and go ahead. BUT IF YOU USE ME FOR SEX, YOU ARE IN DEEP shoot CJ!!!!! I also wont call you baby anymore, sometimes I go crazy and say things I really dont say. I will however, be happy to make a CJ/Chazz Key Lime for you. Thanks again, and as SOON as I am done with my Jaden and Chazz lemon, then I will make a you and Chazz. 1st I gotta make my Syrus and Jaden story. But you will be one of the semi characters. Dont take it wrong, I just havent like you yet. I DONT HATE OR ANYTHING. I just havent gotten started/comfortable with using CJ in my stories. But I promise, I will. In the mean time, KEEP UPDATING CJ!!!!!! And also, keep going with your stories, cause my god. You make John Grisham a fairy tale writer. Well, gotta go. CYA CJ!! And thanks again for everything.

SetoAngel01 on February 24, 2006, 12:54:51 AM

SetoAngel01 on
SetoAngel01Hi! Your NC-17 pict is DJ and Zack is up! Sorry it took so long! ^___^

totallyspies31 on February 23, 2006, 8:40:29 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31Hi. It's me again. Okay. CJ, I will try to think of a story of you and Chazz. Lemon or no lemon. You tell me. Oh, and maybe you can try to put me in either your do i like you or not story, or YOUR megamix. Like I said, this is pretty damn funny. If you put me in, maybe you could have me sing a Brittany Spears song? My Perogative, or Lucky will be fine with me. I am just asking, you dont have to put me in if you dont want to. Well, gotta go. CYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totallyspies31 on February 23, 2006, 5:23:37 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31PS!!! Cool picture. I LUV it. I just wonder if Addicus is bugging Chazz about him liking Alexis. Just curious. CYA!!! for sure this time, until I comment on you again, INCADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totallyspies31 on February 23, 2006, 5:21:38 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31Maybe I can. How's dis, Miss Charity. I will TRY to add you to my SPECIAL yaoi story. I just gotta finish my new Chazz/Jaden, and my Truth and Consequences Code Lyoko story. And finally, my The New World Story. Oh, but I will tell you what my SPECIAL yaoi will be. It is going to be a Jaden and Syrus. But not just any yaoi. It's going to be a sad, tragic, happy and STEAMY story. Let me give you a quick review. Syrus goes to school every morning. Before class, he puts on makeup. THIS IS NOT THE GAY PART. The reason why? Its because ZANE hits him EVERY SINGLE frackING DAY!!!!! So Sy tries to cover up the bruise marks on his face. And one day, a new student comes. Guess Who? None other than Jaden. But dont worry. you will be a character. Not a major, but 1 of the girls who feels sorry for Syrus. the rest you will have to wait and see and find out. K. Okay, bye. Oh, and I SWEAR I will NOT call you WOMAN anymore. And when you do get your powers, just let me know. I will be waiting. BYE BYE!!!!!

MusicVideoMakingQueen001 on February 15, 2006, 9:11:09 AM

MusicVideoMakingQueen001 on
MusicVideoMakingQueen001Hey wats up? Im so damn bored, and I feel light headed! >_

totallyspies31 on February 14, 2006, 10:17:26 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31Hi there. 1st of all, dont you tell me how to calm down. You wanna fight girl. Bring it on dog. *Gets into fighting pose like Buffy* I have one more thing to say. When will you update that do i love u or not story. It is really good dammit. I have got to go. Once they find this worm thing, then we can email to each other again. NIGHT!!!

hellpoemer on February 13, 2006, 5:31:44 PM

hellpoemer on
hellpoemerHey J-lover! *waves*

Omg I saw ur site, it is sooo cute!!

Your request is up! You and Draco, right? Ummm yeah, about that: he looks a little different from my other draco pic. In your reqest he looks...older. Ok, nuff said ^___^




Happy Late B-Day, Mell

Happy Late B-Day, Mell

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