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Lilly5's Profile
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Member Info
Likes: Drawing, Writing, Anime, Lyserg Diethel, Tao Ren, Yoh Asakura, Horohoro, Rei Kon, Kai Hiwatari, Uchiha Sasuke, Shaman King, Beyblade, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, all Final Fantasy's game, Lunar: Silver Star Story, RPG games

Dislikes: Max Tate(Mizuhara), Brian...

Fav Pairings:
YohxAnna, HoroxTameo, RenxPilika, LysergxJeanne, HaoxMacchi, HaoxMarion, RenxLyserg, YohxHoro, FaustxEliza(Shaman King)

ReixMariah, KaixAlyssa(O.C), ReixAllison(O.C), TysonxHilary, MaxxEmily, ReixKai, ReixSalima(beyblade)

SasukexSakura, NarutoxHinata, ShikamaruxIno, NeijixTenTen (naruto)

EdxRose, AlxWinly, RoyxRiza (Full Metal Alchemist)

Pairings I'm okay with:

RenxO.C, RenxHoro, RenxYoh, RenxHao, RenxMarion, LysergxMacchi, MilliexLyserg, AnnaxHao, HoroxO.C, YohxO.C, LysergxO.C (Shaman King)

KaixO.C, ReixO.C, TysonxMax (Beyblade)

Disliked Pairings:

LysergxMarco, JeannexMarco, HaoxYoh,

Interests: Anime, Manga, Shonen-Ai(just starting to), Lyserg Diethel, Tao Ren, Kai Hiwatari, Rei Kon

Favorite Music: J-Pop, K-Pop, Chinese

Favorite Shows: FRIENDS, Joey, Reba, Will&Grace, What I Like About You, Even Stevens

Favorite Anime: Shaman King, Beyblade, Full MEtal Alchemist, Naruto, Comic Party, The Adventures of Mini-Goddess, Generator Gawl

Favorite Cartoons: Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Dextor Laboratory, Kim Possible, The Proud Family

Favorite Movies: Mean Girls, The Even Stevens Movie, A Walk To Remember, Poke'mon The Movie; 1,4,5,6. Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Laputa: Castle In The Sky

Favorite Singers: Ayumi Hamasaki, Megumi Hayashibara, Horie Yui, Paku Romi, Masaaki Fujioka, Ryuichi Kawamura, Anzai Hiroko, HAL, DREAM, Do As Infinity, Every Little Thing, Satou Yuuko, Mikuni Shimokawa

Favorite Songs:

Discover, Companion, OverSoul, Northern Lights, Ryuuro, In You, Sano Saki No Justice, (Basically all the Shaman King Japanese Songs)

Go Ahead, Fighting Spirits (all Beyblade Japanese songs too)

Motherland, Tobira no Mukou e, Rewrite, Asu he no Basho, Returnable Memories, Hagane no Kokoro (Full Metal Alchemist)

Kanashimini Makenaide, Kohaku, True Love (Mikuni Shimokawa)

Favorite Bloopers/Goofs/Outtakes:
"Tyson says Gryffolyon is the biggest bit-beast he has ever seen, but this episode takes place after his battle with Oliver, and during that battle he said that Unicolyon was even bigger than Gryffolyon."

"Michael says that he wants a rematch with Tyson, but he never battled Tyson before."

--Shaman King:
Episode 27: Dowsing Revolution: The setting's on the computer were in japanese. There's a 99% chance that the settings would be in Japanese. There in America.


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maneater on August 25, 2005, 1:24:22 PM

maneater on
maneateri love the way you draw s'good!
come look at mine.

shake on June 15, 2005, 5:10:19 AM

shake on
shakehello i would like to make a request witch is pic of hilary and tyson kissing.if you would be so kind could you do that but if you cant ill understand

HappyBunny112 on June 13, 2005, 5:10:00 AM

HappyBunny112 on
HappyBunny112Hi. I was wondering since I'm new, could you draw me a pic of Rei and Mariah? Or Tyson and Hilary? I love ur art.

JHanna on April 29, 2005, 10:08:38 AM

JHanna on
JHannaWOW! Your pics are really good!

soniks_girl on April 21, 2005, 5:30:19 AM

soniks_girl on
soniks_girlTHANK YOU!!!! ::hugs:: you may expiriment with her clothes, as longas she has the alchemy sign on the fron still, then its fine with me ^.^ i'mjust happy thatyou are drawing it ^v^ Thank you again!

soniks_girl on April 12, 2005, 5:14:25 AM

soniks_girl on
soniks_girloh yeah, i forgot, Pheonix's hair has blue tips. that was my fault....::slaps forehead:: MYBAD!!! ^v^;

soniks_girl on April 12, 2005, 5:11:09 AM

soniks_girl on
soniks_girlhi, you said you may take requests, so, if you could (or get bored enough to) could you draw my FMA (fullmetal alchemist) character Pheonix (i dont have her pic up, but she has long black hair, purple eyes with blue eyeshadow, and her bangs are kind of like ed's except longer and she has two sticky up bangs in the middle instead of one, she wears a short black dress with the alchemist sign in the middle of the front, and black boots that go up to her knees. and she has a fragment of a philosophers stone in the middle of her forehead.) alot....mybad, could you draw her hugging an Ed plushie (and the plush looking all mad cause he's small) oh yeah, she wears dark blue arm warmers with the fingers cut out and they go up to her elbows. You dont have to do this, but if you want to, i would love it! and by the way, i love your art! keep it up!

Tephy113 on March 23, 2005, 9:07:32 AM

Tephy113 on
Tephy113thxs for the comments! XD

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