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Mimsterz's Profile

Mimsterz's Profile
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Username Mimsterz Gender Female
Date Joined Location Hyderabad, India.
Last Updated Occupation Gadgeteer in all senses of the word and an idiot.
Last visit # Pictures 24
# Comments Given64

Member Info

Member Info
Nameth: The Almightay Mimsterz

Age: TWEEEEEEEEELVE! *runs around in teh circles* PH34R MEH!

Gender: FEEEEEEEEMAAAALE! *runs around in teh circles and trips over feet*

Hobbehs: Staring aimlessly into teh space, drooling randomly, drawing, obsessing over Inspector Gadget, watching Inspector Gadget, reading Inspector Gadget fanfics, drawing Inspector Gadget, day dreaming about Inspector Gadget, ranting about Inspector Gadget, writing Inspector Gadget stuff, aaaaand you get the point now, eating (that pic up there makes me look skinny. >D), writing and playing (or TRYING to) music, fooling around with gizmoes and/or chemistry, blowing my room up, paying repair costs, internet and computers, lazing around, complaining.

Friends: IRL I have not a single buddeh (maybe they all think I'm weird. o_o), but I live online and that's where they all are. ^^ Lemme list some of my closest ones:

Rockeh (Floppyears666 here. ^^ Check her out, yo)

Dude, that's like, pitiful: I know it is, but I just hate everyone at my school. :3

They never DID anything to you: Yeah, they did. *shifty eyes*

Tell us, then: Hell no.

Interests: Yeah, well... Lesse... I absolutely LOVE art, drawing and all that good stuff, and I love to sing. I also like screwing around with any electronics I can get my fidgety little hands on and coming up with inventions and blue prints for them. o_O Not that I'll ever get my lazy butt around to building any of them. I also take a special interest to chemistry, mixing stuff and blowing up the science lab. XD Not that that's happened or anything. *shifty eyes*

So, you're a geek: Yes, I am.

You're, like, the future Bill Gates of the world: o_O I never thought it out THAT way before. Mweeheehee. *evil glint in teh eye*

Obsessions: NOW we're getting somewhere. Teh heh. Lesse... I love Harry Potter from which my favorite charrie is Professor Snape, and then I like .hack//SIGN. Aaaand being the weirdo I am, my biggest obsession is Inspector Gadget. o_O Wewt for me. OH! And I LOVE big noses. XDDD

You freak, you: I know. XD

Requests: Open. ^^ You must be descriptive with your requests, though. Nothing like "cn u draw my madeup char rose kplzthx". :3

Cn u draw my madeup char rose kplzthx: Nope!

Y not: You ain't specific, man. Back to the bio.

I'm outta questions: Fine, I'll go scrounge up some more. o_o


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Astronamymage on November 18, 2005, 1:24:06 PM

Astronamymage on
AstronamymageI was randomly looking through names and I fell upon yours. I said to myself. Wow that is my nick name. I wonder what her real name is. Lo and behold. Yours is Miriam just like mine. I just thought that was an interesting coincidence. What are your other nick names?

AxelAlloy on September 20, 2005, 11:42:11 PM

AxelAlloy on
AxelAlloyMOW! =O_O=

scuzme on July 19, 2005, 12:29:57 PM

scuzme on
scuzmedraw me in an out fit with a mak and me taking it off and winking, sorta like sukisyo or tuxedo mask my profile has me in it

please and thank you

choclatelover on July 8, 2005, 11:31:00 PM

choclatelover on
Here is your chance to make a difference. What you do:
Draw your original character with your fav character or on their own, but draw them wearing the white bands for Make Poverty History on their wrists. In the space for the comments, put as many facts as you can about poverty.
This only takes about 30 mintues of your time to draw the picture. 5 minutes to upload it. By doing this, you are helping raise awareness and even save the lives of thousands of people. Think about it.
It only takes £1 to buy a band, and that pound will go so far and do so much.
Copy and paste this message onto as many people's profiles as you can.
Make a difference.
Wanna help?

Electra_Cheez on June 16, 2005, 2:13:17 AM

Electra_Cheez on
Electra_Cheezi'm a.... chick? cool inspector pics! it'z cool we have thu same name! ^^

Aelita_Lyoko on June 14, 2005, 9:31:34 PM

Aelita_Lyoko on
Aelita_Lyokohey mimz check my profile and alucard out that chick apologized to us! and hey i got 100 hits!!!!!!!! i am so drawing a picture for this!

Aelita_Lyoko on June 12, 2005, 9:21:46 PM

Aelita_Lyoko on
Aelita_Lyokohaha woot! i loved your comment on my Phantom and Lasso pic! oh my goodness you should look at this completely rude comment on my picture Alucard by Electra_cheez i want to slap that person silly how immature can a person get!

AgentC on June 11, 2005, 11:27:29 PM

AgentC on
AgentCHello there! Thanks for the comment on Doc Ock! I appreciate it. You have a lot of talent too. Awesome pics of Inspector Gadget! He was awesome and your pics look just like him! Keep up the great work!

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