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Otaku-Kitsune's Profile

Otaku-Kitsune's Profile
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Username Otaku-Kitsune Gender Female
Date Joined Location Good ol' US of A!
Last Updated Occupation Student/OTAKU!!! ^^
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Member Info
Hello! You must be bored, cuz you're in mah profile! ^^..... I pity you. ^^;; Well, if you're bored enough to be in here, then I guess I should type in something about myself, ne? ^^ Neways, Here I go...

Name: Sara... but you can call me Sara-chan or Otaku-kit or something if ya like... oO;; Okay, I'm ranting. Also, you can call me Toku-chan and Sarara-chan (I find Toku-chan interesting... heehee)

Location: Bouncing around hyperly in my computer chair! ^^

Current thoughts: All my friends rock! E-glomps to ya all!

Best friends: I met friends: Brooke, she's so sweet and is always there for me! You rock!Alicia, also known as kIA_gURL on FAC, she's got spunk and is very funny! She's inspired me in times of writer's and artist block! Heehee, keep it up *noogie* E-friends: Britt-chan, or slimfast on FAC. She's like one of my older sisses! She's stood up for me even if it was only on the computer. She also talks to me about manga and anime, and is a great artist, you're so awesome! Hannah-chan, or ObsessiveBookworm. She has most likely read every book in the world, awesome! She's mah other older sis! She's really cool and always has a humorous way to look at things. She's also a great artist! You go girl!

Fav. Things: Anime and Manga, J-pop, Inuyasha, Japan, reading, drawing, Syaoran (from Tsubasa), writing, blue, drama, mah Gumi members, mah friends, colored pencils, ice cream, otakus, pajamas, CLAMP, foxes, mah family, music, rain, baking, acting, snowflakes, brown sugar, combination locks ^^;; , and stuffed animals.

Least Fav. Things: Art stealers, flamers, identity thefts, people who predend to be someone they're not, preps, itchy sweaters, sweat pants, tomatoes, peas, hentai, really hot days, really cold days, tea, coffee, little kid shows, having to get up early for school, getting tired, and butchered English anime.

Ethnic Background: 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Scotts-Irish, 1/4 German, and I don't know how much German Swiss... oO;;

Fav. Manga/Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow, Tsubasa [Reservoir Chronicle], Inuyasha, and XXXHolic. ^o^ WHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! ^^ My new fav is Furuba!

Fav. Authors: JK Rowling, Eoin Colfer, and Tamora Pierce. GO READ THEIR BOOKS!!!!!!! ^^

You are: WHAT!? Why do you expect me to know that?! What am I, a psychic!?

Quote: (I made this up, so it's not really a quote ^^;; Neways, I was talking to a girl who's father was a firefighter) You can rebuild houses, but you can't really rebuild families...

Question of the... profile I guess....: HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE READ FRUITS BASKET?! HUH, HUHHHH??????!!!!!

Currently Craving: FRUIT'S BASKET ANIME! *drools* SARA SMASH~! ;D

Tidbit: Rumiko Takahashi has sold over 100,000,000 mangas! Better start reading, yes?

ULTRA NEW IMPORTANT NEWS!: I am a member of teh Kitsune Clan. Kitsune Clan owners: I am going to get teh pic up soon! Update: I will TRY to get it up this weekend, kie?

This is: Getting WAY too long. TTFN!! ^^

PS: I think my new profile pic is very funny! =3 Yuki's so kawaii looking like a girl in teh onigiri dress >=3.

You scored as Saturn. You are Saturn-artistic and slightly geeky. You are extremely smart but often secluded socially. A career as a movie director or writer or artist seems good for you.Saturn92%Neptune80%Pluto55%Jupiter50%Earth42%Uranus37%Mars25%Venus17%Mercury13%What planet are you from?created with


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ILUVCARTOONS on December 30, 2005, 4:09:16 AM

im just goin around typing random stuff on ppls profiles.......
yeah sooooooo check out my art *hint hint* *wink wink*

kitsunelover25 on July 4, 2005, 6:15:05 AM

kitsunelover25 on
kitsunelover25I forgot that you were apart of the KC oO

Anyway, at long last, we have a site!
Join the Kitsune Clan at the link below! (just has a different name)

ObsessiveBookworm on February 13, 2005, 7:04:21 PM

ObsessiveBookworm on
ObsessiveBookwormI am so so so sorry I haven't been here. I missed you guys! But the amount of homework I have had is actually ridiculous. I have been working so hard. It's the holidays now, but I don't get a break. I still have loads to do.
Anyway, I have had an idea. Otaku, can you post your email address in a comment on my livejournal? You have the link. You don't have to be registered, just click 'post comment' at the bottom of an entry. Barely anyone looks there, and no-one looks at the really old entries down the bottom of the page. And I promise I will delete the comment as soon as I get it. I check about 5 times a day. Only do it before Wednesday, or next week, as I shall be away Wed-Sat of this week.
Phew. Thats the only way I could think of to exchange emails, cos I don't really want to post mine here. You are so popular! I think my livejournal is the safest place.
Darn. Unfortunately, I have to go and get on with my history coursework. Byebye! *waves*

slimfast on February 12, 2005, 6:00:09 AM

slimfast on
slimfastyesh its really cool lookin. you are dressed up as alice, erin is dressed up as a card and im the queen of hearts & we are all standing on a bottle that says "drink me" on a label coming off of it!! its really cool. i still need to finsih it thou. sorries for the long wait. ^^"

slimfast on February 10, 2005, 9:25:30 AM

slimfast on
slimfasthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! *tackle glomp OF DOOM!* MUAH! FEEAR MEEE! AND HANNAH CHAN WHERE ARE YOU????
neways glad you like the mm comics. dont worry im introducing you and erin [cartmans beefcake]really soon i have it sketched i just need to out line it & color it [its a alice & wonderland obbessed with being the evil queen of hearts lately ^^" i made my own outfit {as in cosplay} it really rocks! its BLACK and POOF-AY!] well... of course you can have a deformed teddy bear! thats gonna be a lot of fun to draw! im gonna introduce u guys & then i well get right on to makin ur teddy! XD

psychotic_black_kitsune on February 9, 2005, 12:05:05 PM

psychotic_black_kitsune on
psychotic_black_kitsuneCOURSE I DIDNT FORGETS YOU MY FELLOW KITSUNE!! *CRIES* how on earth could chu think such a thing?!?! JK! lol anywho ive been reaaalll busy these last couple o months yep -_-; otherwords my @$$ was totally grounded >,< so sad.... well cant wait to see the pic your gonna draw fo mez! *sits and waits under your bed 0.o* (major hugz)

slimfast on February 9, 2005, 10:28:28 AM

slimfast on
slimfasthi sorry for not writing back. it was cool that we were on at the same time wh00t added more m.m. stuff & im also starting a story called Misery makers.
ohohoho & hannah chan are you back from you trip yet? also have you read the books InkHeart, and, His Dark Matierals series?

psychotic_black_kitsune on February 7, 2005, 1:29:15 AM

psychotic_black_kitsune on
psychotic_black_kitsunelove your pics! sorry I havent talked to you In a while , kinda dead from FAC, im still a workin on your pic! (I know im slow -_-;) hey could you draw a pic of shiashi fo me? id love it if you could comment back k! *hugz*

Otaku-Kitsune on January 15, 2005, 9:08:00 PM

Otaku-Kitsune on
Otaku-KitsuneErr... yes, I think you did ask for mah e-mail... only I didn't have one at teh time and I wouldn't want to post it if I did... so, thanx for the e-mail!
oO;; WAIII!!!!! *falls over* *gets one of those anime/manga bandages on my forehead* Yup... there's other people... sometimes FRE-KAY people... *Twilight Zone music* *freacky stares w/ Britt-chan* ...Yea... Oh well, I ABOSOULUTELY LOVED TEH PICCIES! And even if I DO get to read teh story, I'm gonna want to see a manga, which would be coolies... ^^ I also left a bigger comment on teh pic.
HAVE A GOOD TIME, HANNAH-CHAN! *chicken dance... okie Sara, no need to be random*
Yup, I was stuck in school... aww, thankz... *eats teh cookies* HERE! SOME POCKY! It's cuz I get one day off next week. Yea, I would LOVE to meet you guys... *sighs* Well, I can't wait!
PS: Thanks for teh e-mail, Britt-chan! ^^

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