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Lex on May 29, 2008, 7:06:12 AM

Lex on
Lexbwahaha go mah amazing skillz P=

actually thinking about it now i once had to deal with a couple who wanted to buy a table, cept this specific table had some magical power where you could put pieces in or take them out and it got bigger and smaller depending on what you put in or out or something.... course i didnt know about this and when they asked me i stared blankly and apologized profusely. about 20 minutes later i walked down the floor again and discovered them disassembling one of the tables anyway..... i again just stared blankly untill they noticed.... it was awwwwkward..... i didnt know what to do, they just sorta started taking it apart... i still dont even know if it was supposed to come apart.... P=

teehee. but its impossible to get me to clean floors now. i just refuse to. the closest ive come is sweeping up the eraser bits that i brush off my sketches, and then i just sweep them into a corner and forget about them... till the pile starts moving and growing and getting a mind of its own. and then it'll grow into a monster and at first it'll be cute and fluffy and i'll call him Joe and he'll be awesome but then joe will find out that i just ignored him when he was a pile of dust and maul me in my sleep, after which he will proceed to destroy Tokyo.... Godzilla style, even though i live nowhere near tokyo.....

yea. that could happen..... im gonna go clean that pile now... >.>

ive never had a driving lesson. when i do ill feel sorry for my instructor..... poor guy, he might just be mentally traumatized after his experience =[

Little_miss_angel on May 28, 2008, 8:07:09 AM

Little_miss_angel on

Little_miss_angel on May 28, 2008, 8:06:14 AM

Little_miss_angel on
Little_miss_angelOki I will^^

Lex on May 28, 2008, 2:59:39 AM

Lex on
Lexbleah i dislike cheese too. it smellz =[


Teacher: (who has a strrrrange British accent for some reason) now childern we are going to re-read Shakespeare's' marvelous stagepl - -


Rayne (covered in foam): hehe... sorry ^^"


bleaaaa littlewoods is like the Argos for clothes, if it covers you up, it'll do >.>

Yea, Sky Hangers, my friend worked in the shop across from me, it was like the competition for the shop i worked in, well she got sent up to a hardware store for sky hangers only to be met with blank stares and giggles. i laughed XD loudly.

well i hovered under the floor! and hovered under it goooood. that shop has one danm clean under-floor thing now. >D

i live in a counrty in which the bus service decides one day , it would be a good plan to have a timetable. Said timetable works for about a week. then stops. and from there on, is totally unpredictable.

Roundabouts? i keep getting this image from the recent Dukes of Hazzard movie, where they go into the city and drive round the roundabout, not knowing what it is, Bo shouts "What is the purpose of this circle!!!???"

it killed meh XD

Little_miss_angel on May 27, 2008, 7:04:59 AM

Little_miss_angel on
Little_miss_angeldats oki^^ YAY!! ^_^ *super glomp* Ooh, do u have MSN? I do now^^ If so, can I add you? =D

Lex on May 27, 2008, 2:34:19 AM

Lex on
Lexwine and cheese? i dont know, but i have a feeling that they were French. most artistic things come from France and they seem to have a fondness for cheese.

it really explodes? seriously? COOL!! *goes and tries* O_O oohhhhhhhh fun =D

LOL!! i never got accused of stealing, though it was like a partial furniture shop, so unless i looked like i was trying to smuggle a kitchen table under my shirt (which was FUGLY), i think i was ok.

mwhahaha. go karma XD

...... omg that it!!! it has to be!! there were monsters!! and they were hoping that id get eaten or something... or they didnt wanna go near it or something..... or maybe it was one of those workplace jokes that they play on the new person.... like going to the hardware shop and asking for sky hangers.......

i think there was a monster u_u

im being pestered into oblivion about learning to drive. my only saviour is final projects.... im sooo busy with them but its like theyre easing off now coz theyre nearly due and im organized (for once) and im all finished mine.... so now i dont have an excuse.... i really dont wanna drive... it scares meeee =[ but then i wanna drive at the same time coz its cool D=

darksasuke on May 25, 2008, 2:52:25 AM

darksasuke on
darksasukei like your avatar

Little_miss_angel on May 24, 2008, 11:27:39 PM

Little_miss_angel on
Little_miss_angelooh, ur drawings are getting better too^^ Mine...aren't -.- Okay, well they

Little_miss_angel on May 24, 2008, 11:26:13 PM

Little_miss_angel on
Little_miss_angelRayne!!^_^ OMG I HAVEN'T TALKED TO U IN FOREVER!!^^ i miss u^^ *glomps u tight* u remember me right?

Lex on May 22, 2008, 10:07:29 PM

Lex on
LexJAZZ!!! i want jazz at my exhibition! =D waa, beard stroking is good..... i think ours is more of a wine and cheese thing.... bleaaa.... i only like wine when its diluted so much with 7up that its not wine anymore.


Ohhh. my nice job was like that.... i was bored most of the time. it was great

nasty job, i was a shop assisstant... i hovered floors... and under them... (WHO sees UNDER the floors??) and had to smile and be nice to the stuck up customers who think your a delinquent who cant get a real job and not a poor starving college student that wants to EAT JOO because there is nothing else to eat. O_O yum

WAAA! Rayne's job sounds much like the nice job i once had.... i wants it back =[ too bad it was on the other side of the country and i can't drive =[



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