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TheVampireScourge's Profile
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Username TheVampireScourge Gender Female
Date Joined Location the bowls of me imagination...hey look a cookie!
Last Updated Occupation AX member, soon-to-be Novelist/artist
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Member Info
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NewsFlash! I'm starting a TrinityBLood FanComic as if anyone cares, the TB section's in it, deal =D
Yeah I'm insane

Ragamuffin=hot. period.

Alucard: hot in a scary way Oo

Hi, I'm Lenore Vee Spookee, sister to AleeVonSpookee (I highly recommend you look at her work) 
inProduction: boo, I haven't been on in forever But I'm writing a series of books so shut up! waaaah! (that was so Abel, he's rubbing off on me -_-)
so, "Lancelot's Painting, Harry Potter books, main characters; Draco, Severus, and OCs.
Village of magic, Naruto series, main characters; Gaara and OC.
Trinity Blood Fan comic: Agent Sorrowful Star, Abel, Tres, Esther, Ion, Alucard (yeah XD real freakin original) Kendra Kadar (OC), Gyula Kadar

I love Lenore Comics, Invader Zim, JTHM, Starwars, XiaolinShowdown, Tim Burton Stuff, Pokemon, Monster movies, Oh the latest addition to my world of insanity, HARRY POTTER! I am So freakin Slytherin! and TRINITY BLOOD! (Abel is awesome) aaaaand NARUTO (Gaara=Hot.) Hellsing ( Alucard, the only Vamp who can look kool in a pimp hat X) )
I listen to Hardcore, Thrash, and Alt. Metal, The Classics like Kiss and JP
The Best Band in the world is SLIPKNOT
Lenore the cute little dead girl id awesome, though, I'm not really a fan of Roman Dirge anymore
I'll post a lot more art once I get me Characters copyrighted
Requests are open, tell me if you want Black and white, colored pencil, or PhotoShop (takes longer)
I LIKE GUITAR HERO!! (The Grim Reaper Char. is retarded looking I like Izzy better)
I don't have many friends so if you want to be friends, go ahead and say so YAY

 I am teh weeeeeeeeeeeeirdest girl in my Hi Skool (yesh I like to spell it like zat)
Okay here's teh real me
Age: okay okay....I'm not 160 or whatever I said before, I is 15, or 16 I SHALL NEVER TELL! or maybe I will.
Eyes: red. seriously. they are red. RED! Okay?! RED! now stop laughing at me! coughreddishpinkiguesscough STOP LAUGHING YOU OLDER STUDENTS! I KIIIIIILL YEEEEEEEEEEW! (dear God I'm hyper and had a bad day)
Height: eh. 5'9"? I dunno.
Skin: very very very paaaaale, let's leave it at that shall we?
Fav Colors: Black and gween
Food: Fooood!
Accent: British. yah.
life: none in reality!
glasses: yah. Like Jhonen's
Bishies: Ragamuffin! Gaara!Kakashie! Abel Nightroad! JTHM! Howl!!! Itachi! Kankuro! Gyula! Alucard

Abel: Waaaah! You deceived me! Stupid stupid stupid!!!
Tres:...does not compute
Gaara: disappear...
Grievous: You must are doomed
Crusinik: your remaining arm...did you want to lose it?
Ragamuffin: I like "poof"
Nny: Is this milk still good? Hoe about this lettuce how crisp? HOW CRISP ********!!!
Ragamuffin: Oh my God! I have fingers again! I'm Bad*** AGAIN! WOO WOO!
Me: Clearly you must of realized your disgusting stupidity by now? huh huh huh?
Leon: Whaaat? I wont kill ya, this is gratitude, baby, I'm not the Vatican's dog, I'm the Vatican's Big Bad Wolf!
Professor: Abel...your face looks like a dishrag left in the backyard all winter's a slug....
Lenore: fishies go "pook pook pook"
Gir: I got monkies in meh!
Homestar: o/ the blood is rushing toooo my head, blacking out blacking out o/
Severnd dude: Lord Gyula! Welcome back, how did the Mr. Anime Universe contest go?
Gyula: The judges were bribed, i lost to some loser named Saskue Uchia, oh my revenge shall be sweet....I'm gonna go destroy the world now. (Abridged series)

Strongbad: Why do my 30-year-old electronics keep breaking!?
Gaara of the Funk: I'll let you pass...if you beat DDR (Abridged series)

Crusnik: Consider this...

~V. Spookee



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demonic_damsel on November 4, 2007, 1:10:46 AM

demonic_damsel on
demonic_damselhey having problems with the website and general computer problems so the fanfic is postponed until god know when :(

BlackAngelicDevilFire on September 30, 2007, 4:15:52 AM

BlackAngelicDevilFire on
BlackAngelicDevilFireello guvnah

dalycewilliams on August 25, 2007, 4:18:31 AM

dalycewilliams on
dalycewilliams^-^ I think the manda came fiorst, but there's two novel series, Reborn on Mars and Rage Against The Moons, I think RatM is before RoM.
if you're interested in reading the manga online, go to
Bleach Exile (just type it in your search engine) and go to the Online Manga Reader. They has loootttss of Manga there, including TB.

dalycewilliams on August 18, 2007, 8:22:50 AM

dalycewilliams on
dalycewilliamsDid you know that Howl's Moving Castle's also a book?

dalycewilliams on August 13, 2007, 2:33:43 AM

dalycewilliams on
dalycewilliamsNice. You like TB too!

laurelrokz on July 19, 2007, 10:14:28 AM

laurelrokz on
laurelrokzI guess so.

laurelrokz on July 19, 2007, 8:53:57 AM

laurelrokz on
laurelrokzMethinks he's cute O.o


laurelrokz on July 19, 2007, 8:43:29 AM

laurelrokz on
laurelrokzI saw this guy named Criss Angel on tv.and he swallowed this string.and then he pulled it out of his eye.yay.It was kewl...



Abel Nightroad (my best drawing I've done of him)

Abel Nightroad (my best drawing I've done of him)

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