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Favorite Stories

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Sasuke wakes up on the first day of High School to a nightmare of his best friend. So was this some pathetic dream, or a memory of his friend's Summer Vacation?

Mostly SasuSaku-mostly, not entirely
First oneshot created for cloudsfan09's pairing contest. Now a collection of drabbles, short stories, poetry and oneshots. Enjoy and comments are appreciated (open for requests).
15 proven ways to get people annoyed at you...comes in different situations
[UNDER RECONSTRUCTION] Because all doused light has once shone bright.
i dont have anything to say on this can think what you want.....
The sequel to Sasuke Gets Amnesia!!!
This one has some pairings: mostly SasuSaku...some NaruHina and I'll probaly add more later on.
So hope u all like!!!! Thanx to those that left all those comments on Sasuke Gets Amnesia!!!! ^^
This is not a fanfic (for once...)

It's a poem I wrote about suicide for health class last year. Just somethin' to post....kinda sad...but suicide isn't generally a happy thing....o well. Just read and comment!
Short SasuSaku poem...
Funny story! Sasuke gets amnesia and everyone takes advantage of it.

PLEEZ be nice and comment! This is only my second fanfic!:)
well, its just a random poem i wrote to my sis cause shes goin to the ary so, i hope you like it.
A Love Poem about someone loving someone else but them not loving them back.
I got some of these of a friend and added a few more. Hope it's funny enough
pretty funny!
ya well...ya
Ok a neat little something with diferent shows and stuff on here,if you get more then four of theese on a list you're obsessed or just plain out weird. hundred things to do in class when you're bored.
One man loves her... and so does another... One man is fortunate... and the other is saddened... The young princess finds the broken man and tries to heal his heart, and the other is consumed with the emotion of envy... (LinkxZelda)(PG-13)
Link and Zelda sittin' in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love... then comes marriage... then comes a baby in a baby carriage! ... *Cough* sorry... several babies... That REALLY stress out Link! (PG)