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Favorite Stories

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Thanks for the FAC members putting up with my retarted questions just to be in this story!
Chris was just minding his own business playing in the woods when a wormhole sends him flying into the world of FAC.....
The story of my original Balto wolf character Achak and how he grew up to be the wolf he is now.
This story is about Destiny's (my) past. From when I was born till......something. It's hard making a description and not ruining the story for ya! ^-^V the first chapter has a small birth scene so be careful. To see a picture of My father, Leon Nishimura, go to Crocdragon89's gallery and look for the pic titled "Fazha!"
Random oneshots by yours truly! I know they kinda suck, go easy on me. I'm not that good with fanfics. *sob* And also for some strange reason, the text seems to be screwed up. *sob*
These are mini stories for Crocdragon89's pics.Links will also be included if you wish to see the pics! ^^
Stop Denying it Croc. Your afraid of Spiders! (Characters are Me, Crocdragon89's Croc, Crocdragon89's Pepper,and Crocdragon89's Sparks.^^)