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GUARANTEED to be the most RANDOM thing you read. EVER. An RP created between me and Apocalypsedragon. The results were... unstable.
A short story written en español. Based off of a true story and that's what makes it funny. Featuring the sibling trio © me.
An angsty poem about bitterness.
A tiny poem about caring for your loved ones.
Just some angsty stuff... Even shadows refuse to keep me company, argh. T_T
I just wanted to express some feelings, so I wrote this poem..
A poem about the fear of loss.
A poem about friendship of a dragon and a girl.
An old, fictive conversation, poet-kinda thing. Angst warning!
Sye story. Done for school a while ago.
I forgot to post it here. :3
I thought it would be funny to make a random commic about Organization Thirteen. So I did. This is just the writing the commic is going to be based on, then I'll draw it when I have the time.
Thrown into a strange new world, will a normal girl be able to find her way home with the help of those she meets along her journey?

Original Story by Me, Draco. All characters are copyright to me.
Heyya this is a new story i just thought up! ^^ this is a story thats kinda about me and how i became a lunar. a story of an average student attending a school of dragons. Will Vahn fit in with the students at the acadamy? only time will tell..
This story is based around Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart/Leon and many more FF characters. Love is strong but can also be weak. Let your friends hold it together and make it stronger. Never let your friends out of your sight.
This story is about 2 siblings who must protect their world from a demonic dragon and revive the warrior who can defeat him. This is just the concept version. I feel that it could be better so, please comments and suggestions are most welcome.
Thanks for the FAC members putting up with my retarted questions just to be in this story!
Chris was just minding his own business playing in the woods when a wormhole sends him flying into the world of FAC.....
Cloud is suffering from a injury and there seems to be no cure. As battles arise, Cloud struggles for his life but luckily has his best friend behind him.
A continuation to Buried Secrets. Kodi vows to never love again...but the new addition to the dog team may make him break his vow.
What if Spyro teamed up with an unusual team? I Chose Megaman X in this twisted and truly sad story.
When Chip and his friend are sucked into the Digital world, there's no telling wat will happen.
This is what happens when a crazed fangirl makes a FMA script for random FMA characters. What exactly is a 'sex pie'? Why is Roy playing a randome instument? Why is scar having a 2 man party with Al? FIND OUT HERE!!!!
*warning, may contain some spoilers*
This story is about Destiny's (my) past. From when I was born till......something. It's hard making a description and not ruining the story for ya! ^-^V the first chapter has a small birth scene so be careful. To see a picture of My father, Leon Nishimura, go to Crocdragon89's gallery and look for the pic titled "Fazha!"
Come, friends, and listen to what I have to say about the old elf, now lich, dyran.
That evening we walked & held on tight,
To each other as dark overcame light.

You suddenly grabbed my shoulder & threw me to the ground,
You covered my mouth so tightly I couldn't make a sound.

Tears started to form as you undid my shirt,
You threw it off & worked on my skirt.

Your hand never left my mouth as you continued to do,
The worst thing, my God, how could you?

I grasped your hair & tore at your face,
That did no good, you picked up the pace.

The scar from that night still burns,
The memory of you, doing the thing you yearned.

I wiped a tear as you finished & withdrew,
I rolled to my side wondering, 'who were you?'

I tried to scream as you hit my head,
I looked at the grass, the green turning to red.

I lay still awhile, crying quietly,
As you slunked away, quick & silently.

I looked around & saw that you left
I knew that you committed a crime, a theft.

I still remember that night, the day I lost,
I hope He finds you, so you can pay the cost.

I now wipe a tear & spread a smile,
For the man who now could walk a mile.

This poem is the memory of you,
Who committed a crime, my God how could you?
[Republic Commando, post Hard Contact] The clone commandos contemplates the simple things as Omega Squad prepares for their next mission onboard a luxury liner.