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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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A short piece I did for the Drow Drabbles LiveJournal Community, on one of the prompts - which is also the title. ;)

Who is An'yn Tenar'ai, and just how did her House rise so fast? And
The Saiyuki boys are stopping off for a break in a hotel. But things never go according to plan for these guys, do they?

The first part! I'll get round to writing the second part, with actual action in it... soon. :3
A short story about how my NElfie Priest came to be an Undead Priest, poor boy...
One of the Titans has committed suicied, and another cannot take the pain of thier loss.

TT poem :P
similar to 'A TT poem'
(i cant make good reviews I know *crys a river*)
Know your Zelda! Complete the quiz and win an art requsted to you! (that made no sence... you get a drawing from me!)
a new studedent at Kadic... me!
a fan fiction of Jeremie and Aelita i made in my spare time... just to let you know they were the only ones that fit