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Alrighty, so my random story that i have been writing for the passed little while..its really simple and my first fanfic, so it doesnt contain any of the stuff that i usually love to read but yeah, its based on a dream i had..
Kakashi begins having these strange dreams about his past, about a young girl he use to know and love. What will happen when he finds out she is still alive and he finds her? Read and find out! ^^ 
The next generation is here, and they have a dangerous and long heist to complete... This heist will change their lives, and they need wisdom, sneakyness, strenght and many other abilities, and most of all, a pack of worldclass thiefs.
Chiro wakes up and is sick, but will not listen to the monkey team, they say for him to rest and stay in bed. What will happen to chiro? Read and find out.
Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.
When Ron Stoppable accidentally get's turned into a four year old what will Kim do? Even though Ron is four on the outside he still thinks he's a teenager. what will happen will Kim ever get Ron back to normal?
New character Sammie
Chapter 2 is up!