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Well songs or poetry brandon and me and more of my friends write...
well this is about when i lost my best friend (guy friend) and he was also my crush..i miss him so much but i'm happy with the boyfriend i have now
This story is based around Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart/Leon and many more FF characters. Love is strong but can also be weak. Let your friends hold it together and make it stronger. Never let your friends out of your sight.
Cloud is suffering from a injury and there seems to be no cure. As battles arise, Cloud struggles for his life but luckily has his best friend behind him.
A magic short story about love I wrote last year for a contest!!! plz read it and give me your opinion!!
[Republic Commando, post Hard Contact] The clone commandos contemplates the simple things as Omega Squad prepares for their next mission onboard a luxury liner.