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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Ohnoes! A H*R fanfic!?

Yup. Be prepared for the random.
And yes, they're humanish in this story.
Or part of the story, anyway.

In the the world of Melee, anything goes! Expect the unexpected. It's about the Nintendo characters we all know and love!
I FIXED DA GLITCHES!!! So here it is, The Ryuu Archives. Anything and everything you need or want to know about that random little dragon, and the occasional random bit of information that has absolutely nothing to do with him.
 It's a story I made up that has a few things from the Mario bros. game, but with twists.
Mime starts talking and all of HTF is turned upside down, or is it? (warning, amount of random may be hazardous to your health)
A conversation between my friend Jacinta and two random people on Neopets. Read if you dare. o.o;; (rated yaoi for the bit about the guy who likes Ron... o.o)
my first Htf fanfic, NuttyRulez221 told me i should post this, so here ya go, flamers will be eaten by rabid flippy
Vol.2 of my Sonic Characters.
This is a chapter about Tails and his lover Tulip the hedgehog. She sniffs a posionous rose while trying to get flowers for Tails and now Tails must travel through Ice Cap's Mountains to find these berries that should cure here sickness
This is a description of a few Character I've created in different series of Comics I made. This might should help you better understand who's who and all of the series there is.
This is my 3rd series I've ever drawn of Sonic.Since I have no scanner I'll have to just write. This is a story about a newly made creation, Metal Shadow!