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weeeeeeeeeeeell the title says it all! I find these very interesting...
This is for all of my friends and some people I look up to on Fanart Central. I appercatie all that you guys have done for me so this is all I ccan do right now. Later I will have pictures! ^-^ Enjoy!
My story The Wolves of Blueberry Heath.
Picture sof the characters woll be in my gallery.
Characters, Plot and writing (c) to me
Hey Everybody! If you like Tear and Haelo I suggest you read the story of how they came to be. I really hope you like it, but please read it. This is a Romance/Comedy/Drama story. YAYNESS I CANT BELIEVE I'M WRITING A STORY!!
This is a scary story so dont laugh cuz HEY this could deffinetly happen to you.
An orphaned boy and rumored killer, Jerome tries to escape a dangerouse gang out on the streets.
Strange Animal storys
I've been working on this story for awhile but I never got around to writeing it. ^^U If people think it's good I might make it into a comic.
I also wrote this last year only it was for extra credit. Hope u like...
I wrote this for school last year. This is the fifth time that iv tried to get it on and i hope it works.Grrr. Enjoy and comment if u will please.
A monologue I made for Theatre Arts, I read it infront of the class and they were rolling, so why not share it with the world!
A very brief essay on asking why we don't learn from our mistakes
This is only a song I wrote.
it's a storie about two men ^^ Yaoi
Did you ever stop and wonder what would happen if your dog was named Mypenis?

-not by me-
This was actually a English assignment, we had to use 6 things from our room and connect them into the story. Ya, and I liked how I wrote this story so enjoy! Its about the Holocaust, so don't read it if you don't want to read about some descriptions
This is about me,and how I look at things in this kind of a position and remembering what it was like.
some thing strange is going on in this story eggmans been awful quite latley its all ok until events that allready happend are happening again! its up to sonic and freinds to find out whats wrong!
My first story I've finished(but not yet typed up). I'm coming up with typing the rest as I type this.
My Story I made up, about baing banished from a supposed perfect world
Its A Really awesome story that is my very first one
a sad feeling brought onto paper
Just a short story with no real purpose, kind of whimsical
Eh... I just was required to do this for drama. I didn't want to have to do any acting so... yeah.