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Actually my Mum wrote this and she wanted me to type it out on the computer for her and I haven't finished yet and we are getting a new computer and I don't wanna start writing it out all over again so I'll put it on here so I can save it.
A story I wrote about a girl named Jill who goes to a new school.
 A boy named Rekz lives with his older sister, Haruko, and his mother, who is slowly dying of cancer. He vows to find some way to get the money they need for the operation.
I don't know why I wrote this. I thought of it while watiching Trigun and listining to Crash test Dummies. If you don't like it. Hey, thats what the 'back' button is for
just a liccle something =]
well its just about a girl, who starts at a new school...yeah

help me think of a name....:D
About a girl terrified of the ferris wheel.
a serious short story about a man living in a base during war time.
This Is one of Niten's freinds.
If you read the story then you might be wondering who this person is so here it is.
This is a phuny fone call.......Well It Is to me.
i found this and want something good to happen!
bio for my story characters
if you would like to draw one please ask me
These do work.
well i hope u like it!!!!!!!
this story is kinda reality/dream/imagination kinda.
o and sorry that my chapters are so short!!
and yes, i know that it sucks.
its done, hope you like it!!!
Everyone has felt a broken heart, but what if you could hear one? What it the sound of a heart slowly struggling to cease filled your eardrums? Could you handle it?
this is a story i wrote in 8th grade for an assignment... i know it ends abruptly but i kind of didn't want to finish it... sorry, blame school for this
i had a little help from a friend when i finalised this scene. i was also advised to write it in past tense so i re-wrote almost the hole thing lol hope you enjoy this and please leave coments^^
My first story on FAC and it was one of by best writings.....or at least so far.......
A prose-poem style story about a house that haunted by little girls and Satanists. haha enjoy.
Sequel for "Another Chance". I hope you like it. Oh, ignore the random boxes and & signs; the boxes are apostrophes and quotation marks, you should be able to figure it out, and the & are only spaces so ignore the signs all together.
Just another poem. Read it or go away.
There are certain things I would like to get off my chest and share with the world, I guess you can read this if you're really bored or something.
This is a poem. I wrote it. For some weird reason, people like this poem. Idk why, but they really like this. I'm uploading this, so I will have it online...