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It started out as a suicide story, and turned into something about life and death, that may change the lives of people who read it. It's fairly short, but worth it, please tell me if it helps you, or influences you.
When 16-year-old Arakawa Masaki meets a mysterious boy at an abandoned carnival, she has no idea she's just run into the town's most famous vigilante, The Black Cat. She yearns to discover what sadness lies behind his eyes... but at what cost?
short story narrated in the first person. Susan is a woman haunted by a dark secret that has locked itself away in the chambers of her mind only to resurface every night in the form of a terrifying dream.
Eh....Another random piece? XD I was feeling all wise and all-knowing in the beginning. Towards the end, I got angry. Long story. XD
Eh...I was feeling suicidal and depressed here. Boo hoo, whatever.
Just something I came up with, awhile ago.
BTW: my friend, waterbender00, is the one who "made" me put this here. XD I intend to laugh in her face when I get no comments!

And no, Cris, you do NOT count.
a girl named fern inherits a house but strange things keep hapening.
Ok now first of all please do not take offense if there are people out there who might take offense.
Not sure what to title it... I had to write a horror story for school, but it didn't turn out that horrory.

One-shot fic.

Just read it, it's kind of interesting.

If you think I should put this in another category, just tell me, ok?
I really dunno. I just sat down one night and started writing the first things that came to mind...Maybe I'll continue it if enough people like it.
What happens when in 7th grade, I find out about two things: #1, the hottest guy in school likes me, and #2, two guys are gay? Mayhem. WHat else?!?!
Oh, and this is through my POV!! :P
Crap...bad with this....err....JUST READ IT!
There should be a genre called "Philosophy" or something similar to this.
I don't really have a good synopsis for this story, but it's going to be kind of short.

Be prepared to cry a little when you read this. I don't really know how to describe it, you'll just have to read it I guess.
ok heres the run down : lit story, based on lots of stories, had to do for school, plz comment, give title ^ ^
I was reading about Gerard Way's comic book The Umbrella Academy when I thought this up. It's just a short little peice, a teaser, something you would find on the back cover of the book that makes you want to read it.
i wrote this becaues of my friend sarra. i'm sick of it why do people have to be so rude or mean! i wrote this to hopefully make them think ,but you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.
I don't know. Done out of boredness.
This is a mix of many types of writing.
A simple short, ironic, short story.

If you've ever played Planescape: Tormet, and been to the Brothel, talked to the Tale-Chaser and had Morte share a story, that's the inspiration for it. :)
Just a quick little story I decided to write. It gets a little sad at the end, be warned. Hope you like it.
Logan and Eric knew each other forever to be more specific since both of them were two, as over 12 years went by they stayed friends and became even closer, But one day terror struck-Logan was diagnosed with cancer, here is the story of two young boys fac
Some things that i see.
Needed are three people of creation, to make the world work, but when one dies, a mission is carried out for the two remaining people to seek a new person, to trin tem and see who will be the succesor.
A story I planned to finished but never got past the first two chapters. Really liked what I wrote but just wasn't satisfied with the plot so it was dropped