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This is a story, I had to write for english, yeah, it's weird.
This is something i wrote over the summer. I just found it saved on my computer. This just really depicts the nature of life
I don't normally do romance stories, but I HAD to do this. It was screaming in my mind, so I had to type it. It's about love and loss. (Has a few swear words, but nothing that should offend anyone.)

A simple accident, spiced up by the local residents, turns out to be very true. How long will it take the unsuspecting people to realise that an invention of their own imagination could be so deadly?
A little something I was set as homework. thought I would post the results. When a ambush takes a friends sister away, the hunt begins.
Erm, I was kinda bored when I wrote this, so if it's not good, I'll delete it. Please tell me and leave comments.
My -truly dream-... is just being with the person I love know the deal. XD;
this is a True fact on life, its interesting to read if u want to no about the world today.
A brief review of my best friend Mike and I growing up. All the times we spent together; our victories and losses. His memory still burns in my mind even after so long. (Rated PG)
My twin brother Rick is better than me in every way. He brings out every flaw in me and I hate him. I hate him so bad I could just... (Rated: PG)
well, its a YYH fic, hieixOC. i hope you enjoy it!! ^^
It's hard to say goodbye.
When 14 year old Alix Carson's life takes a total 180, she realizes something. LIFE SUCKS! Her depression takes over, and causes her to make life worse. Will someone be able to help before its too late?
One day, a young girl stood in front of the mirror and saw that she was ugly.
This is just basically some of my ideas (or soon to be ideas) and small stuff I've been working on in my spare time. It has mini-stories, small poems, and other cool writing that I did!
This was based on a dream I had a while ago... Yea it's weird. Anyways there's really no category for this is there?? Anyways please tell me what you think.
again, this is a fanfic of Genkai's fanfic. if you really liked the last 67 things, then you'll really like this one! pls read and comment! ^_^
i got inspired by Genkai's 67 things to do when ur bored(so its like a fanfic of genkai's fanfic), and i also realized that i was going on a plane soon, so BOOM! this idea popped into my head!
The greatest gift he ever recieved was a pair of the most beautiful eyes in the world...
Read the title..Its about me and josh
the results of drunk driving on prom night...the loss of a lover, and the heartach of those left behind

with song : simple plan-how could this happen to me