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This is a poem I wrote because I got into an argument with my best friend in the whole world... aka my "sister".

We haven't talked for the whole rest of the night, despite my attempts. I'm beginning to think she doesn't want to talk to me, or worse cas
If you think I've done too much artwork then you're in for a shock. My true obsession is writing, and I cannot stop. So I've made this to wrap up some of my scraped stories. Anyone can make a shout out if they want to see me finnish one, and anyone can ma
This is when I was really bored and also thinking dark thoughtd
I asked my friend to help me out with my homework, since I am no good at writing poems. We had to write a poem about a black slave. She said i could post it on here if I wanted, as long as I give her full credit. Please, tell me what you think!
yeah...just as it says. its a fairytale i made up for school. plz tell me if its good or not =D
based on a dream...
Just my many, many poems. e.e;
This is just a medley of poems written by myself. I did these for school projects but I still think they are worth putting up. Please enjoy. ^_^
Jenny is a seventeen year old who thinks she's a girl with boring aspects and personality. She passes her time by observing her two best friends Russ and Maya who she feels are interesting and special individuals. Not believing she really matters in this
this is a bunch of poems i wrote
Poetry of the Lord of Heaven, and King of Hell.  Reaching into the beauty and darkness of both portions of faith. 
Where are you?
That's unimportant right now.
Why do you want me?
You're the only one who can save me right now.
..... What do I have to do...?
Let's start with our names.
Vampire story MUCH MUCH better then any of my other's and much more interesting I should think.
What happens when monkeys want to rule the Earth? Again?
Series of you know youre -- when
just something that i did. sorry if words are not spelled right
these are criptice senteces and messages i made up talking to my friend. i cant believe i made these... watch out, there a little deep. rated PG.
A pronounciation guide of the current characters and places. This will be updated when new characters are added to the story.
A girl, doomed to being an outcast, must proform a ritual. She must steal a baby and kill it on their land. Will she do it, or is she going to die at the hands of The People of the mountain
Sarah gets a wakeup call in life..her parents murder
A girl gets a letter telling her to come to 994 Corna Ave. what will ahppen next? Read and find out.
About a friend.
Something I wrote just for fun, I enjoyed writing it, and cried as well.
Is sad, but has a happy ending :)
This was inspired by a picture called At The College Library, created by silverstar. Basicly, we had to write a story about someone isolated from society and I created my own characters based on Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. Hope you like it
Someone asked me what my idea of heaven was, so I wrote this... umm.. the title is random, but there's a story.. so there