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I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO TYPING MY HOTTIE LIST! I think this is all of them! ^ ^
Poems and stories written in the MMH writing workshop with Emily.
Maraget and how she feels on the school subject
A poem I wrote after a nap I had today.
Too very special children, a boy and a girl, 9 years old and twins. They were separated at birth. What happens when the line between them is complete opposite, but in their hearts, is the same feeling? The same long for something else?
This is a top 99 of things I really like!!!! And the reason why I like it!!!
Don't mind my English, please!!!
A hilarious fake chat whose characters are me and my best buddies, and anyone I feel like adding. IT SHALL BE THE FUNNIEST EVENTUALLY! MUWAHAHAHA!!
Laura's borther Luke dies mysteriously two days before Lauras birthday.
Read on to find out more.
a short blip that i wrote a while ago, i am gonning to continue with it, and this will be my initiative
A story of what friendship is, and how it can change a person's life.
This is a story of a lonely unicorn who finally meets a girl who knows what she is...
uhh its just a poem
crossovers i made...yeah
just a little randomness i whipped up
What happens if your in love with someone?
What happens if you kiss
What happens if there is a battle?
Find out!!!!!!!!!
A poem about love, death, and sadness
This is the world through different people's eyes. This is their story. You may relate to them in more ways than one.These are my characters…
Ps. if yoo know me in real one of these characters may be based on you.
When the Cat in the Hat doesn't come back...
.......... Uh, well, I dunno what to think about this... I was up at about 1:00-2:00 a.m typing this and I was tired as hell. I'm thinking about deleting it, but I want to know what you think first.
A list or pronunciations of the names of the characters and places for "Arasya." Please forgive me if the way I wrote the pronunciation doesn't make much sense, but this is my first pronunciation guide, so I gave examples of how the words sound.
This isn't exactly a story. This is exactly what the title says it is. It's a theory on why people "hate" themselves, and in some cases kill themselves. It all has to do with fear... Read it if you want to find out more ^_^
English project...we had to write about a place that was special to us. -cough-
This was also from humanities...its good too! it was from last year...I dont remember what it was about but... come and find out!
Don't really know how to describe it...just read!
The war between humans and shadowins is raging, and the humand last hope is-- A bunch of kids?