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okey this is a story idea ive had for a really long time
its about...welll read the prolog its not much but its a pretty good way to see how i write and how the story goes
A story in part created by other users.

So right now I don't have the information.

I DO know that people who send me ideas, their concepts will be considered.

Weell, here's zee first paragraph of 'Background Noise'. I'm pretty sure I won't be posting the story tho.
Ehhh, a friend saw me writing the last paragraph of this story I'm making and weeeell....she said I needed to show people my writing. So, here's the last paragraph.
Hokay guys
Here is my college short story, tell me what you think or just read it for fun, but constructive criticism is always welcome :)
Random little drabbles... about things that just don't... make any sense to me....
Just a collection of some of the poetry I write, some are completely bizarre and uninspired while others are based on reality or emotions.
for everyone
Two seperate lives that reflect eachother. If something bad happens to one something good happens to the other until they both seem to sort it out. And in doing so find out that the other isn't who they say they are.
Can I be human and save her from going to Hell alone? Even if it means my life. Violet, I love you.
 Still begining the story, but trust me if you stick around long enough you will get a story that will send you flying! 
One-shot...stuff. Poems, drabbles, whatever. Just, a place to put my stuff when it shouldn't go anywhere else.
Tommy and his friends are bored one weekend and won't to game so they start a truth or dare game
Definetly creepy.
about a boy named pyro
 I've really been thinking about making this at camp so yeah. . .I really have no plot right now. *sweatdrop*
It's about the differance between Fireflies and Lightning-bugs so far.
Um......I thought this was very romantic so I dedided to post it. ^^
Colt is a good kid.
His mom is dead and his father is in the slammer, so he takes care of his brother, Angie. But, one snow day when Colt has to be at work, a gang takes things too far and Angie and Kohl, Colt's boyfriend, get into major trouble.
its poetry
Do you see what i see
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
Wll kinda little stoires..about hight school.kme being in it and
An introductory chapter, written for a writing contest in the forums. We had to write a first chapter using one of the quotes provided, and I used: "Follow the butterflies!"
Well, Here it is, Wild-Card-KKC! Some notes from my original story about The Hawk! PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!!! If anything, please ask first!