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life stories are a great way for me to describe the character's personality.
All are original characters!!!
This is the story of a African American Girl and her struggles with life
This short story revolves around a young girl's fascination towards a mime. Although this mime seems merry and pleasant, there's always something hidden behind the mask..
NOTE: Unfinished, will have sexual content later.
Tiz a list of commandments me and Wolfeh came up with! I thought they were funny and she got the idea to put them here! Enjoy!
You know...just for when I want to randomly write something...maybe something on my mind. *shrugs*
Me and my friends Callan, Lauren and Sophie are always getting into trouble for about 2/10 things we do - the other 8 we get away with! Our minds work in a different way to a normal girl's...:3
Okay, so, the other day I was thinking (scary, huh?). I have no way to share my short stories other than creating a story thing for each. why not just have one whole 'story' for short stories? so, here we are. Just Because.
Just links from my profile. I hope FAC wont delete this again. >_<
Just something I wrote a while back. ~too lazy to come up with description~
An old, fictive conversation, poet-kinda thing. Angst warning!
18-year-old Katharine is looking for work around town. When spotting an old looking bar house she finds out a mans sick idea for friends.
Here are a few little short couplets ( two line verse poems) I was bored one day so I scribbled this idea off the top of my head I think
not really sure what I was going to title this but this is when my friends ended up getting to see my almost opposite pesonality, I have no control of my thoughs T-T so I almost always end up thinking to much or just geta headache if i dont stop
here is a poem I wrote a while ago and I'm pretty sure you can tell why I wrote this
Swan-  refering to the North Star which is refered to in Greek as polaris which means the swan
YAY ME!!! as my couisin would say "I be smart."
yay another poem i wrote a while ago i finally figured out how to submit storys yay!!! ^-^
Just a story I had to write for english.
he changing but into what?
 . . . . thought of ranDUMBly. . . original title was ways to get yourself killed, but I don't think I would want to have that for a title. . . . .
Read the chapter, not the description!

Also, Tala777, I switched the beginning around a bit.

These are just little stories that appear in my head...
a 12 yr old girl that is forced to kill find that killing isnt everything and that she has ppl who care for her.
Something I wrote after being betrayed by a person I deeply trusted.
Just some poems write don't judge them by name!! Read plz! and comment!!
This is my new story, hope yuu like!