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look at the title of the story...
Ummmm...quite confusing
its random
this is a story i made randomly
my fave poem and it kinda describes mi feelings.
this is my poem goodbye, hope you like it
This is my vile english teacher's form of torture through writing!!
I'm working on a manga version with a different plot and storyline with a different name. Its about a kid called Masashi and a group of rebels who want to destroy the Light Core.
This is my 1st story that I ever wrote. I write because of my Mom. She encouraged me to write!
Dunno Too XD!
......Dunno XD!
This is my 2nd story,The other one is Earl the orphan moose,but i never got to submitting it. This is'nt very much,but i'll try to work on it so you can hear the other parts.
this is in lower case for a reason. i wrote it for no particular reason. so ha.
I wrote this a long time ago so ya here it is I don't really have any experience I haven't read this in a while so I don't really know what to think about it if you have any suggestions for me to rewrite this poem in any other way please do so
Hay a new place to put all my random song parodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Fan Art Central 12 days of christmas!
how guys really feel about love.
This is instructions on How to annoy your parents from the start of the day to the end. Tell me if you have any more Ideas.
Just a poem I wrote about the holocost.
Just a poem I wrote when I was bored.... so yeah.....
Try translating a complex sentence into a foreign language and translating it back... <Actually I'll use the sentence over there XD hope you think it's funny =3
everyone around hear knows that I'm pretty much crazy... but what happens when you all see me answer truthfully to tests?
this is a story about a chick who can see the future.