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I felt to write a poem, so I did. Not fan made, just a short, wierd poem.
it looked like fun.
Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.
Annie Lockern is from way back in the past.
Okay....So It''s easier to post all my quizzes here...instead of put them in my blogs...AND YEAH....
This is a parody, don''t take it seriously, and whatever ^^! There are so many fanfics and namexname stories on the web (even sites devoted to such stories) that some people take it too far. This should satisfy everyone, so there!
Well on Facebook I do this thing every once in a while called Poem on the Spot. & Basically I just write a poem off the top of my head and post it.

I wanted to share some of them with you guys, hope you like it <3
Bridgit''''s been having a sort of hard time finding her place in this world. Hope this will help her. :)
I wrote this song for my friend, Kelly. She''s trying to get over a guy and I wrote this to try and help her do it.
A song I wrote dedicated to all of my friends. I love you guys!! :D
Another poem I wrote. It''''s kind of mixed up.
When his dad gets a new job in california, John Jeffferson must leave his old life in oklahoma behind. His friends, family, and life were all about to change.
Desert adventurer encounters dangerous inhabitants.
This is one of my originals :> don't know if I'll post the rest though, since the chappies are comming to me rather slow and I might use it for school :< Well hope you'll enjoy at least the prolog :>
These are the poems that I made.
a story of a girl who finds life rather dull, starting a new school may be for the better...
A story about a young man with a terrible fear of flying, but he is forced to go see his sick aunt and take a small charter plane. While flying his worst fear comes true.
Just something I decided to make. Nothing too exciting.
Bring them here and show them off while letting them talk to other users OC's
It's alot like RPing just with heaps more users
You are allowed to advertise your art, aslong as it has to do with your OC.
this is a something i had to do for school and decided to post it
just a questionnaire i did in ict.
a story i hav been planning to writ but nevr did
This is my book. I have no name for it yet cause it isn't done, but if you want you can post an idea for its name.