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Just something I wrote for my writing class.
This is just loads of stuff about yours truley, ME! XD

The Chapter 'Questions!' I give full credit to CatWhoHas14Tails, because that is where I got the questions from. I hope you don't mind!
My meeting with Bloody Mary
My creative writing stories. I have my fright fair project, character story, and superhero story.
Kashi, a less than normal twenty something, has always believed in aliens. But what if she finds one? She's all too prepared.
Well, even though it's kinda late for this, but i made a poem about 9/11. i felt the urge to write it, so yeah here it is!
Now all of you can see what I listen to.
to all the people in maxride44's flock.
P.s. this may be crappy, so heads up. thanks for looking at it though :).
this is one of those emo stories XD haha hope you liked it?!?!?!

Bios for my characters.
Here, I ramble my head off at those AIM bots. Pretty fun, no?

Excuse any cheesyness or gramatical errors...I'm a n00b when it comes to writing... ^^;

Nyaaa~ -.-
i came up with this after i read 67 things to do when ur bored. hope u enjoy
I get the most random e-mails, and I thought you might find these as random/funny/hilarious/stupid/pointless as I did!

Comment with your results, but only if you haven't cheated.

I did not make these.
Just random, real-life spewage from me and my BFF.
Infernape: Me
Connor: 7 year old boy
Ryley: Hermit Crab
Noodles: Cat (mine)
Pumkin: cat (hers)
Spencer: Carly's brother from iCarly that we both have a crush on (I smell catfight!!)
I got these in some e-mails, and I thought they were some of the best stories I've ever heard/read.

I did not make them. (though I wish I had)
i woz bord so i descided to make this
The tragic tale of little Igor and his pathetic love-life...
well it started off at school in english class, I had to write a story and the sentences had to have only 2 words in it so it ended up as a poem.
A poem I wrote in like a minute just to show someone a piece of my poem writing type lol I dont know
how i feel about this is actually poetry on how i feel everyday sometimes depressed sometimes sad sometimes angry and i thought that this would be a definite good way to let it out
ok well I wrote this poem real early in the morning, dont ask why, and I was just bored so I just started typing what first came to my head.... and I guess it was about friends... ^^
a series of depressing death poems all involving the word melancholy!!