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More haiku's may be on the way.
a poem at 11 at night
What lies behind his eyes?
In my eyes what will he see?
Hunter was someone who got his eye almost gouge out by something or someone. He was the type to really piss some people off, but, he was a friend. This poem is Dedicated to you Hunter, for helping me open my eyes.
Jeeze... most of my peotry is dark and cold... but this one person I met... I can't seem to get her off my mind...

I'm getting this one published in fall 2007.
Be sure to pick up a copy of Immortal Verses!
You can find it in there!
Merina Davis thought she was just a freak with weird eyes, but she's about to find out that she's much more than that.
No comment here... What, did you think that I of all people had to make a comment??? Wow dude, you like totaly crazay in the head-duh!!!
A poem that I wrote for my best friend Jessica, and every flicker of beauty I see in this little-known world that makes me think of her ever-shining light. Thanks for everything, Jessica. Our friendship knows no bounds.
This is a story, I had to write for english, yeah, it's weird.
a short poem about Youko Kurama.