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So this is planned to be about a girl and guy on opistite sides of the world, living two different lives. Offline and online. Hope this works out well. Message me what you think and I will get back to you.
Aww... how cute ^^

This bunny hit me some time ago and I finally decided to post it up!
ok. I have no idea. saw a poem, though of a Hilson one. typed it, and now here it is.
if u think Kutner should've quit the previous episode and not kill himself, u might wanna read this. Kudley. don't flame.
Hilson. House X Wilson. first Yaoi story on here.

A small one shot story.
Some bits are a bit off character in parts but meh. -shrugs-
Hope you like it :)

Set vaguely after the episodes 'Euphoria 1 and 2'
A prose-poem style story about a house that haunted by little girls and Satanists. haha enjoy.
A series of vignettes by me. An English 3 assingment inspired by The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
Dear Diary,

My first entry… how shall I begin?

I am Harry Potter. A stench, much like toad poop and old cheese together in a pudding, hangs about me, its origin my armpits. Mould clings to the numerous hairs emerging from my ridiculously large