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Hehe!I love fanfics!*DISCLAIMER*:it is all fake okay?!
NOT REAl okay so dont go thinking Ray Toro is a were wolf okay if you think that you need help...Enjoy my story...

BTW here the link to the cover:
what was my english essay
A funny Despafic by my friend and I. The idea came from a silly thought of if the boys visited the Finnish amusement park Linnanmäki. Note that Mukuro is me and Banana-sama is my friend and that the shounen-ai content in this fic is very mild.
A story about Gerard and a's actually pretty good... often grabs at us and causes our minds to wander to unknown places and question what we never would. Find out what happens when Ray comes face to face with curiosity.
My opinions on the boys elemental qualities
the silver girls become new sudents at the beyblade accadamy in japan and turn the system upside down but their leader starts to let down her wall and let a certain russian in will they survive the year and pass their GCSE's
yes its the ray quiz.

uh well its the ray quiz.its basik.
A 3 chapter long story that you can see as a X-mas gift from me. Parody and lots of fun in it if you like madness and the beyblade chars then read this story.
It's four poems really, one about Ray, one about Mike, one about Matt, and one about Ryan. I hope you like it!! I write better than I draw.. Hehe