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Just a collection of my various OC bio's from different shows. :D Just so I won't have to retype everything over and over again when someone asks me for OC info. :D
Just so I can have my old pro back to normal, here's my 100 theme list. Don't forget, always lookin' for more OC's to use. ;)
So I won't have to keep all this crap on my pro. >:D If anyone wants to join, you're welcome to, and this also makes it easier for the writers of the groups' story.
It's Christmas time in feudal Japan, and Yukiko thinks it's[color] about time she spread some Christmas cheer around the castle.[color]
The story of Raine, second in command of Team 14 if the Sensei should ever be injured to greatly to lead.
Random little drabbles... about things that just don't... make any sense to me....
everyone around hear knows that I'm pretty much crazy... but what happens when you all see me answer truthfully to tests?
Meh. This was going to be one story, but then my brain shrivled up and died when I tried to think up more. So, these are just going to be one-shots from different shows and just random things that pop up in my brain.