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In a world where how magically educated you are is everything, nothing's better than graduating from Academy Hex. For two student teams, there’s only one test left to achieve that. The problem is, that test is surviving in the human world!
Kiomi Natsuka didn't know of Kira until he killed her older brother. Now she's out for vengeance, with help from a Shinigami with mysterious motives. Can she separate truth from lies in time? Or will Kira add one more Natsuka to his list of victims?
Just a poem I wrote on a whim. I'm sure everyone's had a dream like this right? Anyway... tell me what you think ^_^
I owe J.T. thanks for this ^^ (not for the subject!!! No!! For the inspiration to write a poem ^^) After reading all his poems I decided to try and write one of my own.

I was thinking about one of the friends I lost once and this is what came of it.
Ok so... these are the only poems I can write lol and J.T. (bookworm369) suggested I post them so... here goes. Worth a shot, hope you like them ^^

(PS: I need more colors. Someone give me a suggestion please lol)