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A poem about the demon that has wormed its way into my family and is slowly killing my father.
Cliche and drab, yet oddly satisfying.
My new pride and joy! A twisted tale of life. Be sure to look for the picture.
Written while listening to some music. Totally Emo poem
Twisted yet romantic
An interactive story where the readers get to write the chapters. View for further details.
A self explainitory song. Would be even more awesome with a tune!
A very small poem I wrote while on the ride home form West Virginia. Makes me giggle ^_^
A plot against Peter?
A vampire reflects on her values and lose of power, ulitmatly leading to her lose of life.
A quick poem I wrote while listening to Black Light Burns.
I wrote this one night after listening to Bleed The Dream. I really like this poem and the way it works. It's just so, clean, if that makes any sense at all!
Another poem about this guy I like who's an asshole. I like to compare him to Snape a lot...not for the personality but for the look!
A poem...about this guy I like...he's an asshole.
A little poem I wrote on the spot for another site. I actually really enjoy it, even though is rushed.
A poem of rebellion against someone holding you down.
A small little poem I do for a web site. I like about you?
This poem is up to interpretation. 'It' can be whatever you want 'It' to be.
Ever feel like people don't want you around, and that they act like you did something wrong?
A weird little poem about a person who has been having bad dreams and can't sleep, and asks the Sandman to make it so she can sleep forever.
A song about a person who was in a toxic relationship and is finally out.
A simple poem.
Hmm, a poem I wrote in school. It's my feelings toward this guy. Yeah, pretty boring.
From a saying my Father told me. The only thing you life that you have to do is die. It may sound harsh buts it's true.
I was reading about Gerard Way's comic book The Umbrella Academy when I thought this up. It's just a short little peice, a teaser, something you would find on the back cover of the book that makes you want to read it.