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Favorite Stories

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Poetry describing my life... Nothing that would matter to you...
not really a poem =P
Don't be fooled by the title lol this is what happens when i do my "art appreciation" homework while watching CSI. Please comment^^
Months ago, Johnny C tried to kill Devi and she ended up beating the shiz out of him.
Now she's having regrets- why did he do it? And most importantly, does he still like her?
wrote this one ages ago, please tell me what you think
i wrote these bout 4 months ago
It's a fanfic for Genkai's fanfic! ^^ Hope you like it! hundred things to do in class when you're bored.
Just a bunch of funny lines(some arn't funny) i colected from friends and family and a few from me!! if u read it and like it COMMENT!!
A story based on Ember's song