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JessLuvsBishies's Profile

JessLuvsBishies's Profile
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Username JessLuvsBishies Gender Female
Date Joined Location The Choclate Room(hehe, a little CatCF obsessed recently)
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Member Info
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Heyas! My name is Jess and I love Bishounens! I have a new favorite all the time!
Latest- Riku
Hola peoples! Jess is back, biznatches, and I'm still the shoot(so FMAwesome says!)! Y'all better visit FMAwesome! He's also the shoot! THE GOOD KIND! And I like his art, even if some might not!


Nicknames: Jess, Pepsi
Age: 13
Likes: Bishies, Anime, Manga, Drawing, using the computer, neopets, FAC,, Longest Journey, Dreamfall, Sonic, orange, green, blue, cheese, peanut butter, pickles, Bishies, writing, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, Fairly Odd Parents, and TALLADEGA NIGHTS, dogES! THAT MOVIE ROCKED!
Dislikes: Certain veggies, people who dislike all the above, people who dislike me, my art, my friends, and my friends art.
Prefered way to die: Old and choking on peanut butter. ^^ And what a way to go..... ;)
Music: O-Zone, Justin Timberlake(Only Cuz me and Chiros_girl133 LOVE sexy Back), Panic!At the Disco, Glukoza, t.A.T.u, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Cascada, Namie Amuro, Puffy Ami Yumi, Bon Jovi, Boney M., Ace of Base, The Calling, And Utada Hikaru.
Check out my Deviant Art Account:

So I'm starting a fairly oddparents comic! WHOOT!!!! Ok, it's a bout this fairy Jess(Based on me! DUH!) Who is assigned to be Chester's GodParent. Eventually she discovers Cosmo's terrible secret! She's trying to help him fix things up, give Chester the coolest life, keep Wanda from practically commiting suicide(She Won't!) and still try to win over Anti-Cosmos Anti-Love! BUT BE WARNED!!!!! THERE WILL BE YAOI!!!!! HALF OF THIS COMIC WILL BE YAOI!!!!
TOTAL KEWL NEWS!!!: Three years ago, Nickelodeon cancelled the popular cult series, Invader ZIM, leaving fans angry and bitter towards the #1 kids network. But after the phenomenal sales of the first two ZIM DVDs, the upcoming action figures by Palisades toys, and the outcry of fans, Nick is bringing ZIM back from the dead. Production has already begun on season three of Invader ZIM. Jhonen Vasquez, the madman behind the series, will not be onboard this time around. Nick president Herb Scannell says that the series 'takes an all-new approach' next year, with all-new characters, such as Dib's baby brother, Gib, Zim's girlfriend Zee, and a mysterious group known as 'The Resisty' Everyone's favorite robot, GIR, will also have a new voice this season, by Spongebob himself, Tom Kenny. The animation style will take a dramatic change, animated by Klasky-Csupo, whose talents can be seen on other Nick shows, such as Rugrats and As Told by Ginger. Amanda Bynes makes a guest apperance as a new girl in Zim's class that Dib falls for. The new season, which begins next November, will debut with the episode 'friend or foe' in which Zim and Dib start to realize they have a lot more in common than once thought. Could they possibly become friends? Teen sensation Arron Carter will preform an all-new song for the intro, titled 'out of this world' which will also be available on Nick's new CD "Nickelpalooza."
WHOOT!!! As Gir says: "I love this show!" ANd I shall be waiting!

Meet onah mah bestest friendie! Christina!(and Violet!) I amanaged to persuade her to join! Now she's just gotta get her validation thingy and her pictures scanned!
Ok. She died. At least, her account did...

9/2/06 Jess is back and brought piccys!

9/3/06 Jesseh gawt a live journal!

11/5/06 This is teh meh ^^

I had fun making the next two! ^^

My first friend, ever, Jonny, or FMAwesome^^

My friend Alora(Chiros_girl133) and her sister Autaum(Sp???)

My friend Christina and her other personality, Violet.

And Joker. She is ebil luv!

It's 6:56 A.M. and I have about 2 hours till the first day of school starts, so I'm saying my goodbyes and putting some last pictures up.
I will be on, from time to time, posting up pictures when I have time.
Some of the pictures you can look forward to would be part of my new Disney princess series, like the Timmy-Chan in Wonderland!
Yaoi is love. Gackt is love. Therefore Gackt Yaoi Fanservice is double the love!!!!

SO if ya like that, go to youtube and search for Gackt vanilla live yaoi!

There's a video of a dog playing and winning Simon Says!

So, last night, I was watching an episode of Futurama(One of my faveorites really), and it was the one where Fry finds the remains of his old dog, Seymour. I won't go into specific details or spoil it for you people, but it's really sad, I cry everytime it. The dogs just WAITS for Fry for 12 years when Fry is frozen! It gets me everytime! I was crying so hard last night, I fell asleep crying!

My Naruto fan character
(From left to right, Tsuroki and her captions!) 1. Original Jess. 2. "I AM TEH FASHIONIEST OF JOO ALL!" yah, she's making fun of you girly fashion loovey people! 3. Yah, Imah cool school gurl! 4. Chibi kawaii no justu! 5+6. BEDDY TIME!
Me and my current Luvr, Gaara.

Mah charrie looks teh COOL!


Miss Terri. Tsuroki's sister!

Terri again!


Chiros_Girl133(Alora) and Me cosplaying as Roy and Ed! We've done it once! Totally awesome!
THIS JUST IN: AMAZING ALLYSON DOLLS SCARE THE shoot OUTTA ME!!!! GARGH!!!!! THEIR ALL "My feet are cold! Put my shoes on!" BUT WHAT THEY'RE REALLY THINKING IS "PUT ON MY SHOES, dog!" or "When you're asleep at night, I'll be watching! When your asleep, at school, on the school bus, eating breakfast...EVEN WHEN YOUR ON THE POT!!!"

I heart Riku. I was playing KH2 a while back and saw REAL Riku! F***!!!! HE'S SO FAGGIN' HOT!!!!!!! MEH LURVES!!!!!!! Below: Me and Riku!

Zu-uhuhum-guh! I CAN USE COLORS!
Special right!?
Yeah, so, I saw Man of the Year the yesterday, and it was kinda boring. So me, Tiff, Oki, Yuki, Katy(Tiff's sis), Becca, and Julie all left to get glowy ball things from the CLAW! I got two at a time! TWICE! So I got to keep two because I got them for my friends!(No spare cash!) An orange one I got had TWO glowy balls inside! IT WAS DEFECTIVE! One is STILL glowing! RIGHT NOW! AT 10:20 PM! ZOMG! I got some cool things at Hot Topic too! OOH YAH! Then we went to Friendlies and pointed and laughed(my idea!) because the WHOLE staff sang Happy Birthday to Oki! She looked ready to kill! We ALL got high off of pixi styx! IT WAS WICKED!!!! Yuki had Becca pretty much repearce her ears so she could buy barbell earings! THEY ROCED! And Julie bought Tiff two buttons from Hot Topic! One said "Evil is easier"("Too True!" I laughed) And "I kiss Boys AND Girls!" She plans on wearing it to school tomorow and see how long it takes to get written up for them! She's unsuspended FINALLY!(Don't ask!)
I finally got to meet Jesus!(Oki's brother who ACTUALLY resembles Jesus! He's awesome! Then we all talked about yaoi mangas and crossdressing mangas("Lemme Borrow!" Julie yelled)
ANYWHO!! I finished reading The Outsiders on Wednesday. All the YUMMY Somewhat Johnny/Ponyboy SLASH! JOHNNY WHY!?!?!?!? DALLY WHAY!?!??!?! I cried. Really, I did. *Starts crying* *Stops crying after five minutes* For Yuki. SHe loves Dally. The whole tough guy thing. *Snickers*
Heres a pic from the movie. Remind me to show her:
I, on the other hand, love Two-Bit! The whole happy-go-lucky, childish guy turns me on...XD LALWZ! YOU DIDN'T READ THAT! XD Besides, he's got a Mickey Mouse shirt!!!! WHEEE! Oki loves Sodapop, but whatev!
OH YEAH!!! I WAS HARASSED ON FRIDAY! After watching the Outsiders play, we went back to school, and half the eighth graders(INCLUDING ME AND YUKI!) were watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2 in one science room! So, this popular blonde("Keyword: Blonde" As chiros_girl133 told me! XD) boy was sitting behind me and kept poking me. And I kept flipping him the bird! XP Now, I was already in a BAD mood! You girls know the one! Cramps and only ONE "pencil"(Code!) left! So it's like, a normal persons insedes are like this: "EZ", but that day mine were all like: "KX" Ans he wasn't helping! To top it off, I thought I heard the word "PERIOD" So I'm all, "OH shoot! I'M WEARING A DRESS! WHAT IF...!?" Irk...uhhhgh! But, they were wrong! BUAHAHA!!!! I RULE!
Well, while he was poking me, Yuki noticed how ultra PO'd I was and yelled at him. So he's All "If she wanted me to stop, she woulda said so!" So I'm all "Usally, thats hat me flipping you off means!"
Then during the movie, there's a part with the song "Why can't we be friends". So after the song says that two times, he leans over to me, and goes like "Why can't we be friends," So I counter with "Because you're a fag!" And We're both just like singing that! But, I hafta admit! It was funny! And he made me blush, but Whatev! Then he starts moving my pencil case and making me laugh. Then we leave for home. Now I just wish I knew why he was harassing me!!!!
OH YEAH!!!! Yesterday! In art class we were watching this WHACK!!! anime movie about a little boy in the woods alone. First he's whining like a girl, then minutes later, he has a manly voice! We're all: He's Dora the Explorer! Now all we need is a monkey!"
And sure enough the kid goes into a cave and you see...A MONKEY! EVerybody was LAUGHING! IT WAS DORA(MALE) AND BOOTS!!! So they started kicking eachothers asses(Literally!!!! XD) and then, male Dora gets bitten by a snake and passes out!("Snakes on a plane!" I yelled) So monkey sucks male Dora's leg (JUST TO MAKE THIS CLEAR! ITS NOT ACTUALLY DORA! tHEY JUST LOOK LIKE THEM AND DON'T HAVE NAMES!)And we're all like "RAPE!" Then squirells gather around the kid and start dropping acorns around him, so I make the stupidest comment EVER! "THE SQUIRRELS ARE GONNA RAPE HIM WITH NUTS!" everyone atrted laughing! MY GOD IT WAS FUNNY! I'll tell y'all more about it tomorow. I gotta go now anywho!

[url=""][][/][/url] [url=""][][/][/url] [url=""][][/][/url] [url=""][][/][/url]

Me, Alora, Yuki, Oki

Kory the mongoose! My StH charrie!

Mah awesome costume!

[url=""][][/][/url] [url=""][][/][/url]

My Dog Princess humanized, and my first dog Dakota humanized. Dakota passed away near march. TT_TT



HEYAS! I'm back and I'm alive! I was discouraged for a while, because someone on this site was being an @$$ to me (Not naming names, but I'm sure y'all know anyway.) but I decided that wasn't gonna stop me! So, I've brought a new art style and a MONDO LARGE AMOUNT OF YAOI!!!!
Right, now I have a very good reason for not being here in AGES, I swear! I was busy with my account on Gaia! It SOOO ROCKS!
Tha's what I look like currently. Cool, no?


7/14/07, 1:32am.
Hey. I'm alive! I have no piccys uploaded now though. I'm on Gaia almost 24/7. If you know me and wanna talk to me, mail me on gaia. My account name is Yami XIV


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Lurking_Shadow_Creature on August 9, 2008, 4:09:37 PM

Lurking_Shadow_Creature on
Lurking_Shadow_CreatureYar har. Hope you still go on here! I have been coming on this site in the past few days...dropping by for old times sake.

DocOck on April 12, 2008, 7:48:37 AM

DocOck on

Love2talk11 on September 5, 2007, 12:42:52 AM

Love2talk11 on
Love2talk11HI JESSY!!!!!!!!!! post some new art soon! plz?

jesslovesbilly82 on July 28, 2007, 11:16:20 AM

jesslovesbilly82 on
jesslovesbilly82I love your name!! =D I was wondering if you would like to be my friend?

zonikuo on July 21, 2007, 4:22:35 PM

zonikuo on
zonikuohi thank you soo much for ur faves!
i love ur profile pic~ 
you are sooo cute!! *^ ^*

Lurking_Shadow_Creature on July 18, 2007, 5:33:32 PM

Lurking_Shadow_Creature on
Lurking_Shadow_CreatureWell thanks for the apology, and I forgive you. But I really just don't want anything to do with you. The last three months of school were hell. I can't redo that. So, I wish you well. But please. I don't want to talk to you.

Lurking_Shadow_Creature on July 15, 2007, 5:27:31 PM

Lurking_Shadow_Creature on
Lurking_Shadow_CreatureMy girlfriend currently. Shes kinda sorta pmsing this week xD



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